Stop putting ideas here .. No one listens

You have noticed that there is no one listening to anything placed here … Of course there are (managers) discuss and explain and say that ideas are good … But even they themselves no one listens to them … There are ideas that are enough for several games and not a single one, but we did not see anything achieved, not even very simple things … Like the counter attacks on Titan or green light to see the status for players … There are ideas Such as chemistry lab and exchange between players, is six months old or more but they are not interested in it at all because it does not include a profit factor … so stop putting ideas, developers do not hear only ideas that enter profits for them

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Here’s a list of forum requests that have been added to the game. Not all have been 100% successful and many have a commercial benefit, but the point is, lots of what we ask for does make it to the game eventually.

Alchemy lab, the forums highest voted idea is due to be implemented this year.

Pinned notifications implemented

Classic 5* hero buffs implemented

S.1 completion reward implemented

Troop locking implemented

War rebalancing implemented

Aegir rebalance implemented

Compensation for server crashes implemented

Enemy arrows rebalance implemented

Raid shields implemented and then rebalanced

Extra team slots implemented

% chance of summons pulls displayed

Previous s.1 hotm released

Raid tournaments made free to enter

Have they added my own ideas of basic programming for defence AI, the wu Kong monkey banner or using captured titans in war? Alas not. But I’m going to keep suggesting things


Where is the link to this idea?


Not a bad idea but probably needs slight tweaking.

Can use special effects of titans captured.
Effectiveness would depend on the star rating. Higher star rating higher percentage effectiveness.

This would promote alliances to be even more active in hitting titans and in war.


Troop locking?? Where and how was this ever implemented??

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Click the question mark on the troop card, upper left, lock symbol. Same as it is for heroes.


I see it now! Thanks @pinkymadigan :slight_smile:


Thank you for listening to dragonsnake, pinkymadigan!

At a time when no one listens, none the less.

Eyad, in addition to your chemistry lab, I’d like to see a HomeEc room, gymnasium, and cafeteria. If not implemented by tomorrow then I’m inclined to agree that the managers aren’t listening.

I think we can both agree that’s reasonable.


I perfectly understand that small giant is not active on this site but at the same time, we are all spending so much time (and for some people their money) playing a game they truly enjoy. We are passionate about this game and we ENJOY trying to come up with ideas that we think would be great additions to the game. This is a COMMUNITY that has a shared love for this game. Whenever I come up with an idea for this game and want to share it here, I am not sharing it because as a fourth grader standing on their seat waving their arms trying to get the attention of the teacher, I am doing it because I thought it’s a fun idea and I want to share and discuss the idea with this community. The discussions and just being able to share things about a game I spend so much time on is why I like it.

If you dislike them so much there is a really simple solution… don’t open the threads. Cause guess what, other people do like them.

Why should artists create fanart or any content at all within a fandom if the devs aren’t going to implement everything they make /s

This is actually one of the things I love about this forum. Often a totally off-topic or extra bit of advice is helpful to other players.

I knew about the troop lock and I’m very glad another player found out about it!

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I never knew it was there, and am guilty of accidentally feeding leveled troops away.
It was actually a feature that I had been looking for since then, but never could find it.
Game changer for me now, and i really appreciate it being pointed out. :slight_smile:
:beer:'s on me :slight_smile:


There’s just so much undocumented functionality in the game, you gotta click around to figure stuff out.


That sounds like it needs it’s own thread!


You can go clicky-clicky all over the place. I aint that brave :wink:

People don’t listen, but read instead. And there’s several ideas that are currently being implemented.

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@eyad is correct. No one listens.

Why? Because there are no voices, only words typed ever so stylistically on this page. But our eyes can see, and translate the images to our brains, which think about the concepts. Then after some rumination, the brain implements said ideas that were generated on this forum.

As for my tame titan, I would like it to be able to capture and deliver all of the heroes that have eluded me thus far via the RNG. Hey @discobot, like my post if you think you can make this happen. Great suggestion @JonahTheBard. Keep BUMPing it.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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I like to tell new players to click on everything in the game (carefully, of course).

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Ok, I’ve done a topic for undocumented functionality…I bet there’s loads of little secrets