✋ Stop Mercenaries! (In wars)

The game should not allow players who have freshly entered the alliance to participate in the war because they came as a help to win the war!!!

Example players for our next war:

It really is a cowardly tactic!!!

Look at Joined 1d ago

Moderators note: please remember that naming and shaming other players is against the #forum-rules. @DaveCozy has redacted the images to not show player nor alliance name.

Addition: Since you asked me to tell you what will happen after the barrage. All three newcomers were on the war board.

For the reason that I do not name players I do not attach a picture, but if you want I will post it.
Shame on the game!

Wow… that’s a leap in logic! Good luck with that!

Thank you. It can be very simple and easy to solve. At least seven days in the alliance, and then take part in the wars.


Lol, you’re barking up the wrong tree sorry…

There are many threads which discuss how war matchmaking is done… Recent additions don’t skew it…


People bounce around alliances all the time. It’s part of the fun.

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Hm maybe … i forgot abut that :woozy_face:

Although, by some miracle, it is these players who came and are terribly strong on the field. Just the ones who came yesterday?

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Only thing Mercs (true Mercs) do is help with titans that would otherwise flee/escape.

Matchmaking for wars already accounts for new people by virtue of accounting for opted in players best heroes.

Also, there have been a number of releases which penalise Mercs already. The biggest & most recent one being that titan rewards are reduced if you were not in the alliannce at the time of titan spawn.

I’d say that SGG have already done enough to penalise Mercs.


Thank you all for clarifying the question asked. God bless you all!!!

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I just want to condone your issue here, as a leader of my alliance have experienced this problem a number of times.

And despite all said in this thread; “mercenaries” (or “mercs”, as youngsters call it) DO make you loose wars. So despite all so-called “penalties” it’s a big difference in 5 and 1 point(s) in YOUR war chest - so your suggested solution is the only one which would work to stop this. I would even stretch the quarantine to the number of days from last war, through the war and to the following war.

So, I concure! :blush::wink:

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They’re not “on the field” yet. Maybe they’re opted out. As I said… that’s quite a leap in logic. GL in your war!

How do you know what? Are you his opposing alliance? Then maybe you can explain, instead of keep posting (what I see as) sarcastic comments…?

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Just because they joined 1 day ago doesn’t mean they are necessarily mercing for war. They may be in an alliance with sister alliances they are just back from visiting. Or they may be back in their home alliance after mercing for titans.

Mercs for war would not gain anything because their war chest would keep resetting on them with each new alliance they fight wars with.


I’m sure that opponents assume things like this about my account. My days in alliance are often represented as 1 or 2 days. In reality I’ve only really been in 1 alliance. Regularly my alliance kills a titan early and I have flags to burn.

So after matchmaking ends , I’m included, I will leave my alliance. I go and “merc”. I actually am helping out smaller alliances get more loot. As long as I’m back in my alliance before the war starts I can be in the war and the days in my alliance shows as 1.

It doesn’t affect the opposing team at all. Maybe this will help explain what might appear as a manipulation.


once the battlefield is set send a pic and Lettuce see if any of them on there!

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Please don’t post other players information in a negative light, particularly if it includes their alliance information as they can be targeted this way, whether the intent or not is in the post. If you’d like to bring attention to an issue, you must do so without shaming other players. Keep the #forum-rules in mind please:

I’ve taken care to edit the screenshots and remove the player and alliance information.


Hey Guv, I am new to this forum, anf farely new to this game. I’ve been seeing a lot of your posts and I just want to say thanks for sharing your experience. Respect bro.


Anytime :slight_smile:

If ya ever need help or have a question you can reach out here (tag me) or hit me up on Line App (my ID is Guvnor81)


Thanks Guv, I probably will brother.

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In short, let's conclude. Players who are less than seven days in the alliance must not enter the selection of players for war. It is very simple to realize in the game matchmaking itself.

I do not name and shame anyone nor was it my intention i just upload game screenshots. Sorry i have no time to edit pictures in 2 AM. It’s a shame what this players do.

You should take the time to actually understand how the matchmaking itself works. If you did, you would see that your grievances and suggestions make absolutely no sense at all. Once you are matched to an alliance, the players allowed to participate have already been set; new more powerful people can’t just swoop in and destroy you. The player join date is meaningless. I could leave my alliance for whatever reason and come back right now and it’ll say I joined a minute ago. Links were already posted in this thread explaining war matchmaking. I don’t know if you really don’t understand, or if you are just being obtuse on purpose. Sometimes you just lose wars; it’s ok.


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