Stop Mercenaries in war...again

No you clearly and obviously do not.

And definitely not true, a more efficient farm strategy and just a tad bit of coordination, you’d have a win np. Would just need a good success vs fail ratio on the smaller targets

Matchmaking is mathematical

Numbers have no emotions…

The game has 10 million+ downloads, makes money hand over fist, tons of long time players and fresh players coming in. Everyone has complaints, hasn’t slowed anything down. Sooo again might read a bit more before making yet another uninformed post. And no one pays players to join their alliance. It’s pointless when there are thousands of players that can be recruited for free…illogical as hell lol

That’s because the perception is one jumpin to conclusions and blaming the entire world for their poor performance instead of lookin at stats and sayin “yup we crapped the bed, let’s see what we can do to perform better next time”…what succesful alliances do…

Lol please please very please do. With the amount of idiocracy running rampant in this game, we don’t need you and your pals addin to it. Candycrush, bejeweled, angrybirds, few suggestions

Wouldn’t fix a single exploit that is being used in war right now. Chelle, myself, and others have all tracked war scores, can pinpoint every exploit going on right now, this isn’t one of them…

Wars have been around for 2 yrs. So you can kiss that pipedream goodbye

If you would actually read and comprehend without some confirmation biased bs attitude already involved, you wouldn’t be bored. Learning isn’t boring, ok well i say that in general but i have no doubt you may be the exception. Glad it’s your last response, really not doing yourself or your alliance any favors by continuing. There’s a reason even when full we get recruits and was happening far before we hit the top 100, simply being informational, honest, and not a moron. Goes a long way in recruiting.
If it was US politics, i have no doubt you could lower the intelligence of the conversation a few more levels.

“The only 2 things that have no measurable end are the universe and the stupidity of the human race, science still has hope in finding a measurable end of the universe”


Or one team can all set every defense except one team (the level 70) to 1* level 1…the point distribution happens and ultimately you end up a simple victory.

But sure.

To get 400 points, I need to attack a player who has a similar or higher TP than me, not one but three times if we take into account about 150 points to win. So three times I need to beat this player who is 20 levels above me. It’s easy especially when your average of all the heroes in teams is about 3k and his 4k … come on …

All i see is I

Are you in an alliance solo or do you have teammates?

I could show you step by step how to statistically keep your win rate higher than your loss rate regardless of who you match against, but i just really can’t think of a reason to waste my time on it

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The strategy is pointless if you don’t have good heroes the average of the whole alliance is maybe 2500 tp and theirs was for example 8 players 2k and three 4k this is not a good schedule in my opinion. If you attack the weaker few points and the stronger you have no hero. Ok give some link about good strategies the only thing i watched was 7dd video on yt.

This post right here is why i have no reason to waste my time on it…

Muting the thread. I have nothing else to add and even what i said was already said by Chelle and 100s of others in other threads.

Good luck to you guys in whatever game you end up in, just glad I’ll never have the burden to call either of you teammates

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Because you have no arguments?!

Thanks Rigs. Obviously you have a different perception.


No because “a strategy is pointless” is already your assumption

Assumptions= inhibit the ability to learn new information due to confirmation bias

You don’t want to give information.
Or that information is invite stronger players before the war into an alliance.

  1. If you match up perfectly except for that one player then (s)he is may not even be part of the war. Until the teams hit the field you don’t know who’s opted in or out (unless you have 30 opted in, then it’s a pretty safe guess).

  2. Who can say for sure that they are a merc? They may be visiting a sister alliance that needs help or they may be returning to their home alliance after mercing elsewhere.

It’s easy to just point the finger and cry wolf but we really don’t know the situation. Mercing for war is not good for mercs because you don’t earn anything for your war chest.


It is not rocket science to KNOW that a group of 10 players with the highest level being 22 and one 34 can take out level 70 who has that build. It has been tried. So no point really.

Like I said, this STONE strategy is real and it is out there obscured so that it isn’t nerfed.

I am curious though if everyone puts 1* in slots and the 70 puts 5* what is the total score and on the 70 versus the value of the 1*. Cycling to max cycles leaving the 70…it sets the target score to win of the non-STONE team at a maximum because they cannot kill the STONE. Then the STONEr team knows what they need to do to assure victory.

Nice strategy stacking

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People I’m kidding and making the forum more fun for all of you. The topic was already closed and it all started again :rofl:

Good night everyone sleep well!!!

This has also been discussed ad nauseum in the forums.

Some links please because the searches are nearly endless for new arrivals

Search “Fabian Strategy”


And the other strategy… Is there a thread on that?

I have seen stacking 4-1 and mono obliterate opponents with 500-600 point on them. I regularly use 3-1-1 to take out players will 300 points on me.

Stack against the tank and then have a s4condary team clean. There is always more than 1 way to take out a heavy hitter in wars.

Understanding matchmaking, stacking and tank cleaner aporoach to war I fail to see problem…especiallt when the later 2 strategies are well published across forums and YouTube vids

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I agree that it is a problem in the war matchmaking algorithm when one team is matched with another where it is impossible for one of the sides to flip the board. An alliance with for example, only 2500TP teams, should not be matched with an alliance that has a 4500TP person in it. It is an insurmountable wall.

I disagree that this has anything to do with mercenaries; it doesn’t.

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I’m not entirely sure that it actually IS a “strategy”.

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