Stop creating stupid topics about "End of the game, RIP..."

This bulsh… is so stupid, People writing something like that, look, put one thing in your mind: This game is a billionaire game, and this company has enough money to pay Keanu Reeves to promote this game in The Ellen DeGeneres Show, getting more than 1 million players in one day.

Yes, I’m also frustrated with many things, but “RIP Game” is an absurd


Not sure I’d use the same words but I kind of see where you’re coming from


People aren’t saying SG is going to go bankrupt, they say SG is killing the game. Different thing.


Its all an exagerated drama
Alpha aethers will see the light and players will pull them and 2nd LB their precious elite heroes and this virtual storm will be forgotten like 1st lb and 2nd costumes…

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I care less for this topic but it goes both ways, ironically, stop complaining of the complainers. lol

IMO people have the freedom of speech unless that you live in a society that does not, if you do not like a topic just skip it

with all due respect and without being argumentative



a game never gets killed while people play it, just killed for people that not want to play it

I wonder when the first ‘game is going to die, RIP, you’re killing it’ thread was started. Having been here since the beginning, I know season 2 was largely applauded so it was sometime after that.


I wonder when someone will start a thread, “End of the ‘End of the game thread’, RIP”


Tons of games get shut down even though people still play them, as long as they don’t meet the arbitrarily high definition of “profitable” of some rich people. But even if we took it for true, the changes continuosly make less people play the game. Hence, the game is being killed.

The trend started somewhere in late 2020-early 2021. SG pulled a few nasty moves like making a poll for the most requested challenge event to maximize pulls before annoncing the vastly superior challenge festival, keeping silent about magic troops and only revealing them just after people pulled for ninjas or releasing a hugely overpowered Krampus just to nerf him later. In that period of time people started feeling overwhelmed by power creep and started commenting on how heroes from a portal were obsolete when the next one came and how many decisions were made in bad faith (even ignoring the inherently bad practices of gacha games).

Edit: fixed quote.


Coincidentally, I think that was about the time Zynga finished paying for the remaining 20% of SGG. I’m sure it had nothing to do with recouping that investment as quickly as possible. Not even saying that’s a bad business strategy, but it makes sense that it would be the tipping point where profitability moved ahead of player experience on Zynga’s priority list.


I agree, I like this game a lot. The game is still unfinished :slightly_smiling_face:

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My mom told me, when I was a child, that you should not never criticize a unfinished work :grin:

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Do you have access to E&P control analytics panel? Where did you found this data about players stopping X new players? Or players buying or not?

You can’t base “killing” in the fact that your friends or TK, or some YouTuber are getting out, you dont know what is happening in other countries in the world

Yeah, that’s when the threads about the end of the game started.

I want to see a discussion of when the end of the THREADS ABOUT THE GAME ENDING will be.

Spoiler Alert: that will be “never.”

People here on the forum haven been tracking playerbase based on top 1%, 5%, etc. cutoffs. Also E&P is not the first gacha game to exist, people have seen other games die and see the signs.

^Sorry, I misquoted you, before your post someone asked what I answered.

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Players vent all the time when they become frustrated. As I’ve said before, according to the forums the game has been dying since I joined in Nov 2018.

Then again, everything starts to die the moment it is born :thinking:


Some just take longer to die.

My ex game is still around. Languishing with average US$800k pm. Born in 2016, 6 months older than EP, it was an epic blockbuster too. About 6.5 years old currently.

Compare to EP at 6 years: EP is doing well, with at least 1m player base. Plus around average US$20m PM. That’s decent for a 6 year old game.

With 2LB, EP player base and revenue may shrink somewhat over 2023 but will not disappear overnight. Should still be around in 2024. 2025 will depend on how well things went in 2024.


You just created a stupid topic about End of the game, RIP.


I agree to a certain extent.
For example not many quit with aethers knowing it would lead to double aethers…
And now we are at doubled aethers , not many will quit knowing it will lead to triple aethers… then knowing it will go to doubled elite alpha aethers and so on.

Im sure some people are looking forward to the 2030, when they release the double elite platinum plasma aethers.

I understand players get a bit upset to reach the top tier , only then to find out top tier has moved and you need to continuously pay to maintain a level you already paid for.

SG go bankrupt.? Probably not. People will jump on buying alpha aethers to get a competitive advantage, then the same people will complain when it goes to double alpha elite aethers…

I am not one of those people though, for me the game is already dead, I saw where it was going and starting moving away from this game a long time ago… are there more people like me? Yes.
The number of players in the game are dying.

Oh, wake up already!!! This game died a while back… the stench of it’s rotting carcass is present everywhere, as soon as you log in… there’s no need for “End of days” threads anymore… there’s need for a decent obituary… and TK just wrote the first fragment today.