Stop complaining about nerfs and realize they will be around

I find it sadly humorous that patterns in humans repeat, but we keep going about the same patterns again and again. I completely understand that it is very upsetting when negative adjustments are made to heroes you own, but realize that this is not going to change.

  1. SGG has shown us that they will release unbalanced heroes on the OP side
  2. These heroes will receive adjustments to keep the game in balance
  3. They know people will pay more for OP heroes even though
  4. They know that we know they will balance them
  5. People threaten to quit, but they stay around despite complaining and continue to spend
  6. Creep in the game keeps them making money, so they will do it

They are running a business, so they will do what they need to, to make more money. They are a publicly traded company, and if you look their stock has pretty much doubled over the last year (5.65 → 10.69), so you can bet they are not going to change what is working for them.

They may even be intentionally releasing OP heroes with the full intention of balancing them later. Why?

  1. People spend more on them
  2. People don’t stop spending when balance changes happen despite being loud about it
  3. Balancing them later makes everyone else happy and makes them look like the good guys

So they make more $ than if the heroes were released balanced from the start.

People may complain, but I see Tell tanks all the time, and people threw complete temper tantrums on the forum saying that “everyone” is going to quit. Well they didn’t and kept spending.

Now some people think that it is others complaining that causing the “nerfs”, but that doesn’t seem to be true either:

  1. SGG nerfed Tell and Vela because they saw they were too prevalent, not because people complained
  2. Noor would have been buffed by now if SGG actually listened
  3. Beta testers tell SGG these heroes are OP, so they already knew it when they were released, so the feedback after release didn’t tell them anything new

All in all, it isn’t worth complaining. This game is based on gambling addiction, spending gems with absolutely no guarantee that you will get anything back from them and those gems cost real $, so this is a gambling app disguised as an RPG. As such, people prone to such addictions will spend crazy amounts of money as it is very difficult for them to have restraint in this type of game. This fuels their profits and I don’t see it changing.

So, my condolences to all those upset, but realize that if you spent money, then you are funding this continuing. As long as people spend to get the OP heroes, SGG wins in the long run. Best thing is just to control/curb your spending as much as possible to get a good roster, but no more and if you see an OP hero, expect that the hero will be adjusted for the negative within 6 months. And don’t expect buffs for bad heroes, just look at poor Noor.


This is a photo I took of myself after spending my gems and getting my 242nd dawa


On the bright side, I just got Dawa’s costume with a bunch of other 3* costumes (no 5*, except the HotM in over 20 pulls)! :sweat_smile:

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Better then my pulling odds

I actually don’t understand these public announcements: I’m done spending! Am 100% sure that SG would get that msg loud and clear if they actually stop spending. :slight_smile:


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