Stop closing topics and join them

it had already happened to me but recently I created a post on ideas for the game and they closed and merged it
in my post I try 7 different ideas based on a part of the game
the problem is that it joins another post where it touches only one idea of ​​the 7 that I treat and therefore they classify it as if it were the same

In other words, if I say the word hello to everyone in a completely new and original post, they will look for hello to everyone and merge them with a post from the year 1500 BC.

I understand the subject of merging but create a post I took the habit of having it written and translated.
And now the people who want to comment on the post cannot because it comes in and is blocked … there is no reference that the post was sent elsewhere, besides there eating a corn from other talks nothing to do with the other post to achieve find the new one. You can’t vote mine either, just there than vote the old one

I consider that it is not a fair and correct system and that is why I open the debate, even if they are for sure and they get lost in the middle of the fence, one to know

There should be a better way to merge and still mark that each topic is different from the other.

the game changes constantly a suggestion from 2 years ago is not the same as one from now, even though it seems the game no longer behaves in the same way
So how can you merge me with an idea that was from another version of the game? Maybe that idea was discarded, but with the changes and growth of the game it could now be viable and doing this fusion of themes not only limit creativity and the desire to participate in the community if they are also not listening to the evolution of the community in the game they are not allowing you to give your opinion.
I want people to vote and their opinion of the post they create but I can no longer do it and they are mixing pears with apples


What posts are they about?

If I understand your post correctly, you have an issue with previous posts being merged with other similar threads that already existed. :thinking:

Can I suggest, before posting a new thread…

  • searching the forum to check your idea hasn’t already been raised. Else it will be merged to help keep the forum in some semblance of order. Our moderators work tirelessly to keep the forum user friendly for everyone.

  • rather than raising lots of points or ideas in one post, you focus on the main issue you are trying to raise. Robust discussion is awesome, but wanting people to vote on topics, doesn’t ensure people will anyway :confounded:


if I search the forum
but when I see that what I am proposing does not compare with the other post
I make a new one and I dare to
in the opinion of some administrators a ferrari is exactly the same as a ford t
bone many see it has wheels it moves it’s the same
and mix bikes bikes planes cars in the same bag

I make a post where I deal with the excess of abandoned alliances and accounts associated with them. the lack of level to create alliances and understanding of the game. promoting control to help at new levels and include within alliances and help
stop the creation of alliances if there is not a quota of players in the region to fill it. automatic transfer of leadership to active member after a certain time
and they send me a post where they say they want to kick the leader out for inactivity

this is the original post

and this is the post where I left

It can be seen in the two posts that although a topic is touched on, the form is not the same and it is clear that although it does touch on common points, it is not the same theme.
in one the obtaining of the leadership of an alliance by inactivity is touched.
and in mine it is about the regulation of alliances so that they have higher quality and more members
and avoid the mergers of alliances diaramiente I come across 2/3 new posts of alliances that want to merge why not members
For a city with thousands of abandoned factories one can spend hours entering from alliance to alliance and find many abandoned ones and the same with the members the idea is to regulate and clean a little

You are putting too many points in one single posts.

Those points can be divided into multiple threads. The 1st and 2nd point is definitely going to be merged. The other points is unrelated with the 1st and 2nd point so you should have created new thread for them.


I mean when you talk about a hero you can only discuss a single article about the hero so there will be a post about telluria to see who agrees that its color is green or not
and then another with his attack and another with his mana level

since when you can’t explain and expand on an idea …

the post clearly says to debate which points agree and which do not suggest
we are going to clean the amount of alliances that are abandoned and improve the quality this is very clear

The problem is there will be some people who agree with 1st and 2nd points but against 3rd or 4th.

If you put them together in 1 voting thread, you won’t get a lot of vote.

Better leave the 1st and 2nd to existing thread.

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This is the part at the bottom where you can discuss the topic and it is set separately and marked each of the points so that they say if they agree with one or the other, I will not open 7 different posts because I will most certainly unite all

Then what about discussing them in General Discussion first before creating the Ideas & Feature Requests thread?

Hi @ratabboypda

I merged your thread, but I am sorry it’s caused you upset.

@yelnats_24 has deduced and described the issue correctly.

If you feel that your later points are unique, you are welcome to copy them on to two unique threads.

Listing several ideas into one makes it very difficult to discuss them and vote.

We try to keep similar ideas together as they tend to form a wider debate.

Have a great day



I thank you the answer is not upset

but many times it seems that they don’t take the time to read and understand the post before merging it
And that leaves a bitter taste in one who takes the time to want to contribute and give a hand to the community.
That is why I made the post to ask that they take a better time and better evaluation when it comes to merging themes.
more when they are being suggestions to help the game

I don’t really like when they merge topics to old topics with 1000 comments that may or may not even be relevant anymore.

I guess they have to keep the forums clear for games about making comments before a mod responds.


They are performing some random weirdness imo. My posts go to moderator review and even if no rules are broken (and I have read the T&C’s 21 fun times now: there should be a special badge for that alone) they don’t get approved.
Disappointed really but I feel for your world! Take care.

Specific examples of old topics with 1000 comments would be helpful, rather than making generalised statements that may or may not be truth.

Really? I’m saddened by the fact you seem to have little appreciation of the many roles our moderators perform after over two years of using the forum :woman_facepalming:.

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We’re obviously not going to start addressing individual concerns on all specific posts in public as this is against the forum rules set by the SG staff.

Sometimes there’s a difference on opinion on how the rules are interpreted and sometimes it’s a finely balanced judgement.

None of us moderate or merge threads because it’s fun and exciting, it’s part of keeping the forum focussed and searchable.

As I’ve answered the OP and the debate is sliding towards being less constructive, I’m going to close the thread.

@StealthNinja, you can mute any threads that don’t appeal to you using the Topic Controls at the bottom of the page.


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