Stop changing heros after beta testing..!

What do you think?
We pay for heros…so please dont cut the nuts off…!!!

When’s the last time a hero was changed after being released? Feel like it’s been months, at least.

Aegir was the last one as far as i know and it was a buff lol

Ok well last paywall hero i can think of anyways.

But he was involved in the rebalancing of s1 heroes

So guess what the OP is saying is that none of those should have been changed either

And he also thinks he straight out bought a hero when he a bought a chance at a hero

And doesn’t know how to read apparently because the terms of service agreement clearly counters the OP before the OP was ever thought of…

Anyways just goin to let this thread die a quiet death as it very well should.

Nothin to see here…


So why is this even a request if it’s been months?

Yeah, while I am also having trouble times with the current very fast defenses, I do still hope that there will be rebalancing over the time.

As mentioned in other topics:
Aeron, grazul, gato and maybe I miss someone.

There could come more heroes with:

  • effect preventing
  • effect reflecting
  • effect duration reducing
  • more damage against very fast heroes
  • minion stealing
  • et cetera

SMG will of course do balancing, and if really really neccesary, they will do that on existing heroes. And thats fine.

There are enough similar topics at the moment.

No hero has been nerfed for some time; if you are concerned for Telluria, there is already a specific thread.

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