Stop adjusting in the background!

Dear E&P,

I’m a Level 44 Player. I really like the game and have already spent a lot of cash into the game. But since a couple of weeks/months you definitely overdo your gameplay setting/adjustment in the background. PVP? It’s more and more a joke! It doesn’t matters if you are a ‘talented’ Player or not, you will lose, because combos are less common than usual.

So please get back to the roots and concentrate in doing a ‘funny’ game instead of only seeing Dollar signs in front of your eyes.


Let’s say you’re right about combos. But do you think they’ve changed the combos only for you? If you don’t think that, then others can’t win against you either, so why are you angry?

Kahree: can you point the weirdness of your answer? What is more fun for you: winning pvp when you attack or winning pvp in defense over night???

Maybe difference in balance depending on cup range. I win about 70% in offense with about 2200 cups but I do reroll all targets I don’t like.

That’s the point. On some days I win about 5 out of 6 and some days I don’t even win one. I’m always chosing opponents who are approx my power. Months ago it was balanced. Nowadays it’s just lucky lottery… That’s what I’m complaining about, it was not too bad before all background adjustments…

I don’t think there has happened anything with combos. AFAIK the boards are totally random.

They do tune the PVP parameters trying to balance attack and defense. Biggest thing was a while ago when they made defenders attack more often than before.

Interesting… less combos is just lucky lottery and more combos was not lucky lottery. According to Tobi_IR.

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There’s a lucky factor, but raids are much more then a lottery.
I can understand newbies and middle way F2P have some problems with it, but not P2W seniors.
Sorry, but there’s something wrong with it Tobi.

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