Stoneskin and counterattack

bug or feature?
damage received with stoneskin = 1
counterattack damage = 387 :face_with_monocle:

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Damage is dropped to one by stoneskin. I view it as a damage received reduction but counterattack is based on original damage. This works as I’d expect.


It’s how bk and counterattack works :slight_smile:

So I’d also go with working as intended.


good news then, thanks guys :slight_smile:

Yet another OP feature of Kalo.

Enjoy your “I win” button!

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What exactly is feature of Kalo here?

He is not the only one having stoneskin as if I recall correctly, he does not give counterattack either

He copied Azmia’s counterattack when he used his special according to the OP, yet even though he only took 1 point of damage due to stoneskin he still counterattacked at Azmia’s special full damage.

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That’s why he is so fun to use. Since he costs around $50 to get and many resources to fully max, I kinda understand he is a bit stronger than average 4*, being the newest event card around

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