Stones have no effect on the opponent

Good morning everyone

I come here to make a complaint

where in some war I use one element team only,
today was more example of what has been happening

I assembled the team
Prezaudaz, ZIMKITHA, dark knight, François jeans., Marjana ok

opponent’s center POSEIDON
left side Telluria

I hit 3 red stones and then more diamond with 7 stones and TELLURIA didn’t lose PV
it is no longer the first time this happening

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Hello @RCS, I moved your topic to #bugs-issues category.

Could you provide video of such weird behaviour? (Or at least pictures before and after unleashing tiles)

In my current matches (war and raids) all my tiles were hitting enemies and dealing damage as expected. Is it possible that Telluria had minions who protected her from tile damage and it might seem she was not damaged at all?


that’s right, usually I record but in this war I didn’t record I didn’t capture images , but in the attack I saw that the stones were not having an effect on Telluria it was supposed to be finished with red stones

Maybe a picture of enemies defense?

Could also be that you have been hit by an enemy drake fong, and you have been unlucky and had 3 or 4 misses in a row?

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