Stones' colour distribution is NOT random

I was impressed by @MuaaDip’s videos and decided to do a bit of testing myself. I’ve used two teams: one with all the 5 colors and one with 3 Purple and 2 Blue. I’ve only looked at the initial board, because it was easier to count the tiles. The results:

Average number of tiles for 31 boards where I attacked with 5-colors:
7.6 Red
6.7 Green
7.2 Blue
7.0 Purple
6.5 Yellow

Average number of tiles for 19 boards where I attacked with 3 Purple and 2 Blue:
7.5 Red
6.8 Green
6.7 Blue
6.8 Purple
7.2 Yellow

(I have fewer boards for the 2-color team because it’s not a good team and I’ve only used it when I didn’t care about winning the raid.)

While the sample size is too small to prove anything, the averages are close enough to NOT say “I’ve experienced fewer Purple & Blue tiles”.

Edit: in case “I’ve counted 50 boards” seems odd: I’ve wrote a program to count the tiles from screenshots. So, the counting was very accurate.


It’d be useful to know the raw count of gems. I realized I have no clear idea how many gems a raid typically burns.

I’ve only looked at the initial boards, before any gems explosions.
I can post all the boards in a format like

B Y Y P B G Y 
R B P R Y R G 
Y Y G B B R B 
G R P Y B B G 
G B Y G R R P 
7 7 9 4 8

if it’s useful for anything. The letters are colors, and the last row is the counts, in the order Red Green Blue Purple Yellow.


Now in the event it even become more obvious that the stones are not random. In every level I rearranged the hero setup according to the colors of the enemies. And in every!!! level there are always a lot of stones in the color of the heroes i don’t have. I made a test this morning and played a level with a red and a yellow hero in the final battle and left out a blue hero although I needed it. Guess what happened: In the final battle I got blue diamonds over and over. Which never happend in any final battle against a red enemy. The whole event is proving that now. This is why Wu-Kong also is useless because you never get enough stones of the strong colour. There are exemtions of course where you get really good combos but this is 1 out of 20 battles.


Anecdotal evidence is hardly evidence at all, especially when used so effectively to illustrate confirmation bias. If you are serious about testing your theory, then put together a serious methodology and actually test it. If you post your approach in the forum I’m sure others would be happy to participate.

But shall we step back from the minutiae for just a second? You are suggesting:

  1. The devs put the effort into designing systematic, non-random gem distribution designed to render your team composition ineffective, and

  2. They invested resources in this coding exercise because they had some incentive to do so. Maybe because they get paid more when players dislike their game, huh?

Or perhaps it is more likely that the boards are random, and you’re just feeling a bit paranoid.

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Also remember that you’ve probably been very careful to NOT trigger the missing color (say, blue). Do that for 4-5 turns and you board will certainly become cluttered with blue unless luck runs towards few blue.

It’s essential to use the final minion screen to set up your heroes and the board; leave one minion burning in a corner and clear out al the blue (or whatever) from the board, try to set up a few gems or dragons.


Hey everyone. Here an update: It is getting worse and worse. in the last 50 battles where I adjusted my off team based on the tank (most of time Ares) with 2 colours of the strong color against the tank I had only 2 or 3 times enough stron stones to have a chance to take out the tank.
And all players in both our main and our wing alliance report the same.
Finally it is for me proven that the distribution of stones is not random. I’m survelling this now for 2-3 months.
So the issue out of that is: How the hell should I beat a tank like Ares or Guinevere without enough stones to take them out. So it is a vicious circle… I can share a lot of pics on the stones after the battle started

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Do you have a vid of it? It would be instructive. :slight_smile:

3 links to youtube videos you can find above. It has been getting worse.
find in the post some pictures of starting setup of stones by me and my vice leader in our wing

I would be able to deliver a lot of more examples.
You can see e.g. in the fight against Joe Blakc that even in 10 steps there was nothing coming. And as I say. It happens too often to be random


You have presented no evidence whatsoever. You have showed screenshots of some boards you didn’t like, and told us that other members of your alliance also get grumpy about their boards. Gosh.

If you want to be taken seriously, stop actively seeking out confirmatory evidence like a chump and start collecting some real data. Collect 100 opening boards, tally the strong colour count then report it, as an absolute, barest, least effort possible, minimum.

Until then, you’re just whining.

(Note: I’m not even discussing how silly it is to double up on an opposing tank.)

Edit: It’s also worth noting that some of the boards you chose to post - the ones that you are complaining about - are advantageous to your team. I’m going to stop writing now before I say something really rude.


There are a lot of boards that start off bad when I double up on the tank and I have to spend a few turns clearing out the garbage gems before I can really make progress. Yeah double stacking is a risk that doesn’t always pay off. If you feel the boards are constantly rigged against you then simply stop double stacking. No one says you have to double stack a color to beat the opponents tank.

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It seems so.

The boards are fine, though. I’ve kept counting them like in my previous post. Stopped about a week ago and I’m not going to continue. Here’s what I have:

Average number of tiles for 254 boards where I attacked with 5-colors:
7.08 R
6.92 G
7.14 B
7.02 P
6.84 Y

Average number of tiles for 179 boards where I attacked with 3 Purple and 2 Blue:
7.13 R
6.84 G
6.88 B
6.99 P
7.15 Y

Unlike you, though, I’ve made screenshots of every board, not just of those I didn’t like.


Very nice work. Doesn’t prove anything, but certainly doesn’t show any suspicious skew away from strong colours.

Occam’s razor does apply in this case.

I run pretty much always without some color in my teams, and even if sometimes this occurence show off much more then others (expecially right after you specifically switch your double composition) in the long run i don’t see a huge prevalence.

What’s more, now i’m going to say some really harsh words:

Good players can turn to good bad boards much more then bad players.


The match board is completely random.

We have addressed the question here:


I think in the interests of transparency, it should probably be clarified whether the match boards are completely random with the exception of the opening board ?
Refer to my post:

With an 80%+ chance of a truly random initial board yielding at least 1 existing match, there has to be some form of logic when generating the opening board to prevent it starting with a match already in place…

Now if there is logic to generate an opening board without a match, then there is a possibility that such logic may cause a skew in normal tile distribution. (A possibility… but I personally doubt if such is actually occurring. Pretty sure the opening board still adopts some form of pseudo-random approach in tile replacements to eliminate matches… much easier to code this than trying to code in some form of bias. :slight_smile: )

Maybe worth mentioning this in the Wiki article, otherwise would invite the inevitable question of “If it’s truly random then why don’t we see immediate matches in place on the opening board?”


What is interesting is that there can be a match in the opening board, but they are extremely rare

I’ve seen that once, and also had a couple of times when the initial board had to scramble itself because there was no possible move.


Guess there’s an algorithm that avoid on the starting board to have some match (and sometimes it just fail) but still the color and distribution of the gems are random.

I don’t think that the “don’t start with a match” command is connected with the heroes you choose to fight anyway. (And thats what we are discussing here)

In the end, i read this thing something like “generate a random board like every other board but without tiles”

A +1 condition.

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