Stones' colour distribution is NOT random

I’d try it right away. So let’s take a role model, so let’s give it Kingston (alfrike would be worse to calculate) and see the strength of the attack and the defense of the opponent’s heroes, so how do I calculate how much he’ll hit him? This should be easy to calculate and should be constant. I’m not saying if some abilities and the like are super activated, give it to me at the beginning of the game.

This is going very off topic.

This thread is supposed to be about tinfoil hat conspiracy theories about why the boards are rigged.

It’s a new week, there must be some new “the board is rigged” complaints out there…

Or have we finally won and convinced them it’s just RNG?

pigs will fly before this but a man can dream

Read through the other thread I linked. It explains the formula and how it was arrived at. Note there is a random factor so what you get is a range of damage.

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Completely a joke, but one that was apparently crafted well enough to make people think.

Sorry for the confusion.

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So tell me why the abilities don’t work and the blue one should have 100 contraattak and he should avoid the attack but not once, vivica nothing guardian nothing Jonn should also avoid nothing only about twice some hand that will do nothing anyway, the opponent the 100 % made the defense red and this is in my opinion a demonstration of how it works against buying heroes but I’m happy to change my mind if you tell me why nothing worked 3 rounds.

Not sure if it is a language barrier, you dont understand the game or you are just trolling at this point.

Why should Joon evade?

Why should Vivica evade?

Why should Cobalt evade/ dodge or counterattack? The family bonus only kicks in with more than one ninja.

Jackal does have a percentage chance to evade being a rogue, but this is small and only relates to special skills


So if I understand correctly, a guardian has no ability or vivica so their emblems are useless to them and have no effect on anything but the sum of attack or defense? Ninia, I have now found a translation and yes, and I recognize at least two. So Joon doesn’t have the ability to deflect an opponent’s attack, does he? Just so I know what video to upload where it will do great because when you say they don’t do it “and they don’t do it” then I refute your claim that heroes do it to their opponents

They all have abilities just not all evade.

All Heroes? Shouldn’t these yellows have at least 20%? Interesting that for me it’s 0% Mainly that the super is close to 100%. This is not one match but 3 in a row with 0%.

So another attack was renewed and I was surprised by 0% again and even Kingston has no abilities but the opponents red again 100% amazing. I would like to see your three consecutive attacks in a row with 20 emblems where you will not run any talent or anything like that. And then we can start a discussion about nationality. Here are the abilities, bluffs and emblems and 0% efficiency.And the fact that in the end she got a liana made of stones from Fialov for 888 is probably another mistake, lately there have been a lot of mistakes.

I am going to a shot in the dark here but did you look at the troops levels of the opponents, most players forget to look at troops,

These troops levels determine the strength of the tiles so if your for example at level 10 doing 48 damage and the opponent is at level 30 his tiles will do so much more damage than yours.

There is a question here though which I am not sure about,

@Guvnor @zephyr1, We all know the opponents have a 20% increase but does that also include the damage done by the tiles?

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Well, not technically, no — since enemies don’t have tiles.

But if you mean whether there’s a 20% increase to the defender Attack stat, yes. Both the Attack and Defense stats for defenders have an unlisted 20% bonus, which is observable from DoT amounts, and was initially realized during investigate of the Damage Calculation formula.

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I watched that, Somehow I know your roster but if your going to fickle about how fast opponents gain mana and their strengths then don’t you think you should do it using at least a team that had some chance of beating that opponent, I mean greens and yellows against a massive red tank, honestly all your doing is feeding him that mana, actually feeding is putting it mildly really.

If these are your best examples of colour distribution then maybe you should either start concentrating on learning how to play the game or just simply move on to another game m8, because honestly just have no clue.

Enemies don’t have tiles?
Not sure I agree with that, In the technical sense maybe but what do you call (meaning SG) the hits each enemy fires off before and at times after their special (ss) if not tile hits…

Typically people refer to them as Slash Attacks. :mag:

Also listed here:

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OK then, these are technically suppose to replace/immulate or for lack of a better term replace the tiles which are used by us the attacker thus keeping the game/match fair on both sides.

Wouldn’t these Slach Attacks though use the troops as their power source just as the attacker uses the troops for their tile strength (tile power source)?

If not, then what is the point of troops on opponents side? As troops don’t affect ss or hero in any other way than for the tiles.

Let’s not forget that is a match 3 style game thus to keep things far for each side both teams must use tiles equally thus why I call those as you say ( slash attacks) tiles.

Yes, the stats from the defender’s Troops apply, plus an unlisted 20% bonus to Attack and Defense.

You can call them whatever you’d like, but the defending team doesn’t have a board with tiles.

Defenders use a completely different system of charging Mana and dealing non-Special Skill damage than attackers do. Strong element/color relationships don’t apply either for defenders’ attacks either, barring Special Skills that specifically list them.

Whether that’s fair is debatable, but that’s how E&P works.

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As I recall a defender’s slash attack is equivalent to what would be a match-3 tile attack against a neutral opponent.

I also don’t have them on the first level. And one level lift is max 1% plus and not everyone because there is still defense and accuracy so out of 10 levels it is 5% max, so if I understand correctly.

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