Stones' colour distribution is NOT random

So I don’t know how these videos got here but I didn’t want to dream them so then my mistake I’m going to fix it, then I understand why you don’t understand it my mistake again!

So here it is to compare how the opponents heroes and mine work, they are different heroes but with similar abilities except for the difference to whom they work.

You are showing that you dont understand how talents work.

Neith’s pierce will only work if there is a protective buff on the enemy. In that video there was only one opportunity for that to trigger, when Clarissa had the elemental link on. No other hit on anyone at any time had any chance of Neith’s special triggering.

On the other hand, you did notice that one of your Jackal’s dodged in that video?

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Oh man this thread is quite an entertainment to read here, really no offense to anyone. @FrancescoDarkness for level 58 you definitely have no clue how to play this game. Try to think before you do your move. Cause you rush a lot.
And the only possible way evade can be triggered is - Special skills of Inari, Margaret and costumed Kadilen or Rogue heroes like Frigg, Inari, Marjana etc.
Neith is a ranger so she can’t activate that ability.

You could have easily won the first round if you used common sense.
At 0:24 you used yellow diamond what was the worst possible move you could have made. You could have easily charged your hitters with the 3 yellow tiles move at the bottom right and kill 2 heroes with your special skills (preferably C Kadilen and C Isarnia). Then you would use the diamond, all your heroes would have been fully charged again and you would kill the rest. Couldn’t have been a better board for mono and you still lost. I don’t know man.
You ended up charging C Kadilen and then you shot your special skills? You should have waited for her special to run out then shoot. It’s too risky to try your luck with a huge possibility of your special skills being dodged. I don’t know what to say next. Way too many mistakes have been made in your gameplay.
The second attempt was probably unwinnable, but that’s a risk of taking mono.

You did play pretty good until 1:15 where you made mistakes yet again.
Your Jackal + Joon should have been shot into Joon C then with the diamond you’d finish both Joon C and Clarissa. You would have only Alice left. I personally think keeping a Rogue hero last to kill is a good thing to do, as you can see, that it was clearly a bad idea to shot Alice which evaded one of your blasts, making her stay alive. It’s just better to get rid of a non-rogue heroes first which have no chance to evade your special skills. Common sense yet again.

This has nothing to do with the name of this thread, more like - Bad playing and not understanding the game mechanics results to loosing.


Good write up. Dont expect it to have any impact though. I’ve broken down a previous video into 8 mistakes, each of which could have won a match that was ultimately lost. There is no acknowledgment of such feedback. It’s all about how the game is rigged against people who dont pay…


Or do pay but haven’t paid enough, or people who play mono, or people that don’t play mono.

A myriad of reasons why they lost games that were easily winnable…


Yeah, I wrote my bit. I’m not going to bother ever again as I’ve seen a lot of discussion here which led nowhere. I see how some players just don’t understand and they can’t be persuaded in any way and they have their own truth. It’s not a game for everyone, so if somebody believes that stone distribution is not random in this game, better going to play another game then.

Perhaps the reason is, you are trying to help people who think something like following (fun in fiction for sure :smiley: )


And small children and animals will never deceive you!

Haha… all of those statements are funny. Because clearly you dont have the skills, that much is seen from your ‘evidence’. And clearly you have also never dealt with small children and animals!

The good days are perceived as normal, the bad days are perceived as bad days.

My boards are as random as I would define randomness.

What skills do I have? Buy crystals for $ 1000 every month? Yes, I do not have such skills, I would rather spend this 1000 dollars much smarter! Or generate the stones I need? If I have access to the source code of the game, I can generate stones of any color for myself, even though the whole board will be in red and yellow stones!
And if you consider yourself a professional, can you then tell me how you can get the heroes of the month for free every month, without buying crystals, using those that I have already accumulated?

P.S.: I have both a child and animals at home, so I know what I’m talking about! And if a child or a cat can deceive you, then you are very unlucky in life! Then I understand why you believe that everything in this game is completely random!

Maybe I am being racist, but I expected a Russian to have a lot more logic than you have.

Who are these people you believe are needing to buy $1000 worth of gems per month to do well? People spend lots of money for the chance to get a better tier of hero - nothing more, nothing less. Lots of FTP and CTP people around who are very competitive and win most of their matchups regardless of whatever the boards throw at them.

Some people are lucky and get HOTMs regularly, some are not. Regardless of spending patterns, although obviously you increase your chances with bigger spending.

Children start lying to you at age 3 and continue probably into their 90s. You are deceiving yourself if you don’t think this to be the case. I suppose cats are less so, although one train of thought may be that any affection a cat shows you is already deceitful.

I believe that boards in this game are random because I have the tracked results to back it up. Not because I have faith in SGG or because I listen to random people and their feelings

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:+1: :100:

But some people never let facts get in the way of their beliefs.

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“What do you mean I have zero cups? I clearly WON!”

“What do you mean I lost? I don’t lose. You clearly CHEATED!”

I’m reading this thread purely for these breakdowns. Very helpful when thinking about my own strategy and choices. So while the intended recipient may not necessarily be open to the feedback, it is of benefit. So thank you @Roland56 :slightly_smiling_face:


Care to share your studies :smiley: I really wonder how you analyzed millions of boards without single API access or Access to Source code or SG’s internal statistics.

This is a specific question as you are calling your own study and analyze as a FACT

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