Stones' colour distribution is NOT random

If those talents are as unfamiliar as you claim here, then I don’t understand that you are putting such a robot to block them. And I will no longer write statistics here as it doesn’t matter and I end up counting and the result of 65 games average per game is 0.2% talent. And some heroes, even after hundreds of games, have never used talent or support. So much for this game.

I can assure you cascades outcome (in terms of damage to the enemy heroes) is determined as soon as the move is made.

At least… It works like that in my account.

On a side note…
A predetermined board is more likely to be random-unbiased if predetermined as quasi-simultaneous calls to random function can (and will) result in duplicates especially in calculators with a high degree of parallelism.

That doesn’t answer, thou, a key question.
Is the whole board (or random numbers sequence whatever their purpose, for that matter) predetermined or does the code generate just enough random calls on-the-fly?
If the adopted approach is the latter it will (note: it will) result in locally (with respect to time) warped generated numbers.
As unlikely sequences do seem to happen (I’m looking at you, Wu Kong, and you, Summon Portal) something on that area is likely.

What area? Quasi-simultaneous calls to rand() or whatever it is.
They could happen on a move to generate just what’s necessary or they could happen offline while generating millions of random numbers as long as it’s done in bulks.

Note that this kind of bias has a local effect, that means that on average its effect subsides.
So you can have Wu hitting his “regular” 66% and missing 9 tiles out of 9 (happened this week).

In my experience bypass can be very-meh too.
Let’s say on your buffed Vivica from a Lianna+20.

Edit: manashield can also be a problem, depending on how much you rely on mana control.

In jury duty you would get to see the algorhytm, thou.
That does make a difference.

Honestly, we can gather data as much as we want but we wouldn’t be able to prove that the experience is not personalized.
Like let’s say…
Amazon, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Wish, YouTube, basically whatever evolved service comes to your mind…

But please, stop using the “how can I win if the game is flawed” metric.
Like many other things it doesn’t prove anything because in every flawed game there’s winners :woman_shrugging:t3:

And to be clear: I assume you win because you are skilled.
But you can be skilled and questionably unlucky, let’s say like Spain and Italy in WC2002.

These are the reasons that I don’t believe the boards are skewed/rigged/flawed:

  • I have tracked my own raids over hundreds of raids whilst playing mono and found that the average number of starting tiles in my color is very close to 7 (came out to just under)
  • A number of other people have tracked their own results and came up with very similar outcomes
  • I consistetly win. In mono, 4-1 and 3-2. In wars, raids, tournies. Am I unskilled? Nah, I am very skilled :smiley: But regardless of how skilled I was I couldn’t maintain a high, consistent win rate if the tiles were not there to support it, where starting tiles or replacement tiles. And note that I go into every single match with a lower TP (typically around 200-300) so my team is not outpowering the defense team)
  • Over extended periods of time, I don’t see or feel patterns of colours that deviate from the expected averages. And I do at least 24 raids a day, all wars, all tournies etc.
  • SG has publicly stated that the boards are not tampered with
  • There has not been one single item of tangible proof to the contrary (other than stray once-off screenshots)
  • Opposition viewpoints range from “You get better boards when you pay” to “Even though I pay I consistently get bad boards” to “Boards are worse when you stack” to “Board colors change based on the day/event/POV challenge” to “SG has the ability to do it therefore they must be doing it” to “They already have some code that modifies randomness, so they must be applying it across the board”. I’m sure I have left a few out…
  • Apparently this has been a situation that has been getting worse and worse since December 2017, so by now we should all be getting negative colours of our stacked colour. I don’t know about you, but I have not gotten one board with a negative colour count. I did post a video where I got 1 stone in my color, but then it also shows the downpour of replacement tiles in that colour
  • Logically, it makes zero sense for SG to tamper with the boards. It would be determental to their philosophy of making money for themselves

I only deal with the last point as I don’t think the devil is in aggregate numbers, but rather in details.
That is not necessarily true.
You are assuming that complete fairness yields the best money return.
That is simply an assumption and a false one.
As a matter of fact whenever you try to optimize something plain random is not your best option.
Best case scenario: plain random is what helps writing a control (i.e. something that does tamper with the system) reasonably easy.
But you would accept that only if you could not drive the “noise”, which is not the case in a complete information deterministic system.

It is worth noting that, whatever sophisticated system you could devise to assess if random is fair or not, it is a lot easier for the source of the data to make it look unbiased than it is for me, you and the whole of the players to prove otherwise.

That is: I want things to be more difficult for X (or easier for Y)?
Let’s not provide enough tiles to the healers (just an example).
You don’t need to do that always.
It could be enough to tweak things a little bit.
Then you “countertweak” to make it appear fair.
Just a fluctuation in the Force.

I spoke about the 2002 WC.
Spain and Italy were far more skilled than South Korea. But it was oh, so good! for FIFA if an asian country had stayed in the competition.
And South Korea did, Spain and Italy just had two referees on a bad day.
[One later found guilty of combining games, but that’s a coincidence, right?]

I’m absolutely sure my tiles on a sufficiently large number of tries are evenly distributed.
Yet today on my first three attacks to Titan I was able to activate Wu Kong once.

Bad day at the monkey office :woman_shrugging:t3:

I’m sorry you are experiencing color fatigue. I believe it could be for any number of reasons. I, like Homoclese, am not inclined to believe SG cheats at cards (or boards, as the case may be): what do they gain by favoring 50% of raiders over the other random 50%?

If you’ll indulge me for a moment…early in my game playing, I used to watch YouTube videos of a player who routinely made matches out of thin air, whereas I looking at the same board didn’t perceive those matches (or not as fast as he did). I realized that he and I would score very differently on the same boards. At the time I was tempted to call him lucky, not skilled. I know better now.

When I repeatedly hear folks say that something isn’t fair or didn’t work out—and they’re not talking about summons!—I have to ask what are all the variables that go into their experience? Is there something they are missing? Another way to look at it? Just like me watching and misjudging all those years ago: he was skilled, not lucky.

Here is a video that goes in line and you can see that the heroes’ talents don’t work and here is the answer as to why I have so many cups (because I have to choose light opponents because my talents don’t work) and this way I can get at least a little bit. Opponent heroes activate their talents right at the beginning of the match (many) wu kong, as always, 100% success. Can you tell me what talent to lose? he never does anything. then what are the talents when they don’t work? Super doesn’t even have half of my talents, but every match uses them !!

I wonder how many thousands of dollars our rivals paid to:

  1. get exactly the same heroes;
  2. so that the game will never give stones of the desired color against them! NEVER!!!
    3 attacks - 3 losses in a row, and the teams were not only of the same color, but also 3 + 2 and 4 + 1, as recommended here!
    Remember: in this game, your recommendations do not solve anything! MONEY IS EVERYTHING !!!

What does it matter? They did, you apparently didn’t. So be it. You can:

  1. Also pay thousands of dollars and try to compete with them for that ephemeral top spot, if that is your goal.
  2. Not pay and just enjoy the game as it comes, not worrying about being top spot since it is an unobtainable goal.
  3. Find another game that you will enjoy.

Your rants and complaints show that you are not enjoying the game, but they have no affect on my enjoyment of it whatsoever. I do wish you good luck in your search.

I can’t understand why you not want hear or see about the experience of other user.

These is not a unique event or the experience of a single user.
In my opinion this is displacement. It cannot be what must not be.

Please read my post properly

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If I knew what I was paying for, I would pay! I used to buy crystals too, and when the game was first created it was really fun! Now everything is aimed at getting as much money from the players as possible, and the developers are doing nothing to make the game “just enjoyable” again!
I have suggested many fixes over two years ago, none have been implemented yet! For example, I suggested that in a war, the strength of the top 30 heroes and top 5 units of each player should be used to calculate the “war score”, and the additional 1500 points for winning or losing should be removed. This would allow maintaining the balance of power when selecting opponents for the war. What was done? NOTHING! And for 2 years now we have been given either weak alliances, the war against which is “beating up babies”, or strong ones, whose players have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in the game, and to fight against them is like fighting with sticks against tanks!
Further, I suggested that in war, the score for defeating each player should be calculated taking into account the STRENGTH of each hero, not health! What was done? NOTHING! It turns out that if I put, for example, Gormek in the defense team instead of Izarnia, then the opponent will receive more points for the victory! But Gormek and Izarnia are heroes of completely different levels! We have a player in the alliance whose defense team is 200 points stronger than mine, while the opponent will receive much less points for defeating him than for me!
For the rest of the fixes I suggested, nothing was done in 2 years either! But the developers have carefully raised the prices for crystals! Apparently, the developers’ incomes fell, and they decided to compensate for the profit in this way!
When the developers stop squeezing money from the players and make the game interesting again, then I will buy crystals again!
You are offered to play another game! But this game for me is a “suitcase without a handle”: it is not needed because it can no longer be used, and it is a pity to throw it out, because a lot of money was spent.

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… and that’s what makes the situation so sad.

If by strength you mean TP, this is exactly how the war score is calculated.

I presume you mean here the adjustment for previous war performance. I don’t recall reading anywhere that it was 1500 points. I was under the impression it was a percentage change, which could be considerably more or less than 1500. I also think that the adjustment is a requirement to help maintain the balance of power to prevent disorganized alliances from being destroyed by organized alliances of the same war score.

I also think that the points should be based on health, as that is what you are fighting against. Gormek is much harder to kill than Magni, even though Magni is the “stronger hero”.

Just because you have made a lot of suggestions does not mean they have to be implemented or are even good suggestions. They may help YOU in the game but no one else.

It sounds like you are not enjoying the game because you cannot be the best. Maybe you have hit a wall. And staying just because you spent a lot of money on it will not make it enjoyable again.

Try not to be a hoarder. That is a hard habit to break.

It’s all about money, and worst of all, the developers themselves support paying players and tailor them heroes just to show them that paying a lot, for example (adjusted it so that mitsuko doesn’t affect it) is clear here as they help and tulleria, but it was an adjustment such that everyone used it next and nothing has changed, the slight difference is so small that it’s ridiculous why they actually did it. The stones are not random or coincidental, it is obvious that when he attacks the player who invests it is seen how the game stops giving stones q combinations do so that it is impossible to compose this is my opinion and unfortunately there was no argument that would change it. And advice on how not to play it or don’t use those accessories when they don’t work is an example of who is commenting on the issue here.

I see just fine. Over 3 years of seeing and hearing experiences that do not dovetail with your explanation of them. No offense.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to prove with this video…

You say you have to choose light (holy?) opponents because your talents don’t work, but you seem to do just fine against them.

There was only one place where I had a question: why didn’t you use Kingston when you were down to two opponents? He just sat there, ready to go and unused.

Congratulations on the win, btw. :wink::+1:

No video was about my talents not working, on the contrary, my opponents are working in every game. It is interesting that the talents work for the opponents even 100%, but some talents have never been good for me even in 1000 matches played, this is what this video is about to see. I don’t even expect anyone to comment on that, because the word “coincidence” is more funny than …

Here is the result of today’s war against top players who have invested a lot of money in the game.
All our players complained about bad boards, there were almost no stones of the required color, and regardless of the strategy and color of the heroes!
But the rivals had absolutely no problems with stones, they took all the first places:
1st place - the player has 5 wins out of 6!
2nd place - 4 wins out of 6!
3rd place - 3 wins out of 6!

And further on the list are our players:
4th place: the player finished off the surviving opponents, but by the number of points we can say that 2 complete victories out of 6
5th place (that’s me) - 2 complete victories out of 6
6th place - 1 complete victory out of 3 (yes, after such a beastliness on the part of the developers, he did not want to fight to the end!)

Now prove to me that our loss is an accident, that we are not lucky! This example is 100% proof that the stones in the game are NOT random, and that only those who spend a lot of money get good boards!

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