Stones' colour distribution is NOT random

Wait… don’t you have Kingston, Ranvir, Guardian Jackal, Alfrike, Seshat, Hel? Are they basic heroes?


Yeah, the more current mana on the target, the more damage he does.

He does basically nothing if the target’s mana is empty, but halves your HP bar if you’re holding a special. With a defense down debuff, could easily hit for over 600.

Yes I have those, I got it from the time when I was still willing to buy something and with a training camp. But I don’t have such new ones anymore and I don’t have those that were recommended either. So it must be with these someone

Thanks, I’ll go try it then.

That you will always record the benefits of the player who pays a little and logical but that you are “how to adjust the game of laps balance” and do this is, I think the top of the test players how much they last. So not just that you have made it impossible to use the Titanian accessories and after your “improved” you have completely abolished the capabilities it is up to incredible !!! Kingston 18 emblems and 16 games or once I didn’t turn it up ridiculous. Guardian Jackal 20 Emblems also without response, Joon never drained the shooting but then I never have him. Disaster. I still wait for the tournament because it hasn’t counted anything today and then I will send a photo.

Great shame !!! Next time, write directly that you will modify the operation of the game before you do it, so that the player knows that you will block his heroes and that he does not count on it !! shame again! Unnecessarily, the player gains experience here when you completely change the principle of the game.

You can? Do tell! I haven’t been able to figure out how to do it…[quote=“Homaclese, post:2439, topic:11225”]
I didn’t even know you could do private messages here

You can? Do tell! I haven’t been able to figure out how to do it…

You have to be a moderator to start a PM, alas. But it IS possible to have a quiet chat with a moderator if they initiate it. :wink:

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I am confused as to what you are trying to say here.

Are you saying that going heavy in any colour guarantees a loss? Because that would be news to me and my win rate using 3-2 and mono.

What changes are we talking about here now? Because I haven’t seen any changes to the way boards are distributed in my 2-1/2 years of play. “Bad boards” happen most definitely. How you deal with them varies wildly from player to player. And what is this “deeper issue”?


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What? How is “I don’t buy and win” the same as “I don’t buy and don’t win”. They are opposite outcomes.

I personally don’t buy and I win more than I lose. Both outcomes do occur, but not exclusively one or the other.

Edit: also. I do so with primarily S1 heroes.

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Random stone distribution tournament: 5x unloaded gunnar opponents who had him charged the whole game by chance? When super activates gunnar my heroes get hit 20 or more each interesting my hits 3,4,5. Of course, for 5 games, the heroes’ ability doesn’t even work, even though I have them for 20 emblems, but it doesn’t work even with normal attacks, I’m used to the fact that this doesn’t work for everyone

Hmm, what does Gunnar do? Can this ability be overwritten or blocked by other hero’s specials? Hmmm

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Yes you can get good boards … at a very low percentage based on stacking. Same as you can pull a 5 star hero . Fact is .they are meaning with it to force you to spend. These moderators are a joke . Evidence evidence evidence . It’s very clear 95 percent of users are in agreement. Just need some tech savvy individuals to prove it .

Tech savvy individuals have proved the opposite :slightly_smiling_face:

We do try to entertain as well as work hard for the community in our free time.

Please present some

So far, people who state that the boards are rigged have presented no statistical data in three years.

They present emotions, screenshots, gut instinct and sweeping generalisation such as

Are they? Not in my alliance or the several I’ve been in.

I’ll repeat my tired old mantra once more; the developers have said the boards are random. I don’t want to be associated with a company that lies to my face. If any can provide a statistically valid data set that proves otherwise, I will quit the game.


I generally now just wish all those that believe the game is rigged would just go and play a different game now. Leave all us who don’t believe it (5% of us apparently) to play the game in peace

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I think they are reliant on making a game we like to play. Most of us do like it.

Why stay playing a game you have come to despise?? There’s better uses of your time I’m sure.

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In my opinion, whoever starts this game in good faith also invests, but after he stops giving money, he finds out that it’s probably not what he thought and the only thing that keeps them is the hope that it will be balanced, but it doesn’t happen yet.

since they took the tulleria and a lot of it is a new coincidence, the talents don’t work at all, even though I have 19 or more talents so their heroes (they accidentally stopped using them) and the stones are still the same, combinations just to charge the opponent. The question, when you are already writing about the relevance of the data, will write me how many matches to put here to acknowledge that it does not work? And don’t tell me that 100 because opponents use talents in every match so you probably don’t need 100 matches against 100!

For example, my Jonn has never been shot since I played with him, Melandor has never had the supportive lives I play with him, I don’t even know what talent he has, I haven’t seen anything done yet. But some of your opponents come back and dodge 8 times 5 times per game and so on.

Melendor jinxed twice in the last match.
The biggest problem is you are playing randomly, as always. How many times did you try to defense down while JF skill was in play?

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