Stones' colour distribution is NOT random

Are you screenshooting all your starting boards?

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So why do play one game and lets say I have 3-1-1 and no tiles in the 1-1 colors and then change the colors and have all kinds of the ones I changed but nothing in the new ones. I have a hard time believing this is random.
And speaking of random when there is an offer to buy backpacks when I am finding them hard to get then all of a sudden there are plenty in places there weren’t before?

Boards have become a parody…

Forum topics about boards have become a parody…

I have won 29 of my last 31 raids, all against teams from 200 to 500 tp above me. Is that evidence that boards are amazing?

I have been playing for awhile, quite a long while. I’m not going to try to argue with fan boys, or stats that really are not particularly helpful, that should further differentiate 3/2 tile prevalence into whether the tile colors that show up are useful. For example having 6 of my preferred color show up but aren’t matchable for 3 to 4 turns later. Or just enough tiles arrive in the beginning to fill a preferred hero/color to the point of almost being able to use it, and it takes 2 to 5 more move, feeding my opponent until my preference returns. They broke the game odds and play in an ugly way.

It is this simple, it’s broken, SG knows it’s broken because they broke it and asked for user “patience” while game improvements are made. We all got the message along with a world energy thing, or some other token.

The number 1 motivation of BG is to make money, and they are pretty obvious about it (which is fine). Going through all of the nag screens about how you can give them more money, is in itself a small battle every time I log in. And the Goblin Balloon…is probably the most craven evidence of that, turn it into another splash screen I can “X” out of. Maybe you just sell ad space on the stronghold banners? It also looks very suspicious that you are willing to sell me the item I’ve been waiting 6 months to find. Not saying you are…deliberately withholding said item, but it’s really a bad look.

But MONEY, mine, and several, several of my clan, and I suspect others, have just stopped buying ANYTHING until you fix the gameplay issue.

Again, you broke things, I don’t reward the people who break those those things. I own none of this, it’s merely a rented experience. As such, your product such as it is. It’s your job to keep enough of us happy to see the value in renting this space.

Pay to play, pay to win, pay to progress.


I have won something like 33 of my last 35 raids now. Tourney is at 12/15, last war 5/6. So can you please tell me what is broken? Or is it only broken for you and certain others, but not for me?

Now I’ve lost 4 times in a war with one opponent who didn’t even have a healer and a weaker team, can you tell me how it’s possible? In three rounds, I didn’t even apply one heroes, is that okay? In my opinion, the game determines who is to win and according to that preparation, you obviously came across players who pay nothing.

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Every single one of the opponents I faced off against was 4.2k to 4.7k (tourney excluded of course), all higher than my team. How likely do you think it is that none of them pay? You are a funny little man!

So you must have at least 4000 flags…

How do you figure that? Is that your poor attempt at being a smart a**? There is a little thing called cups dropping in defense… and I don’t have a particularly strong defense. I basically keep resetting to start of diamond. I also made a mistake and accidentally changed my defense to my auto farming team (5 healers) and lost a LOT of cups, had to then revenge for 59-60 cups a pop. But the opponents were still stornger than me TP-wise.

Why is your first instinct to call someone dishonest? THat is very sad

Simply because your opinion is different to his.

Welcome to the current world. You call out something and it’s “fake news” and you get attacked or laughed at.

When facts are presented they get the above treatment. That a lot of use are winning more than losing makes us fanboys rather than any acknowledgement of skill. Because to acknowledge there is skill means they have to acknowledge their lack of skill.

And acknowledging ones faults doesn’t seem to be the way of the world right now. Denial and attack is how it is these days.


Friends, you are certainly interesting people! You post screenshots of your victories, and then ask what’s broken in this game! Do you really want to know what’s broken here ??? YOU BEAT THE KIDS! YOU beat weak opponents, for which they give 15-20 cups, you win, and it cannot be otherwise, and then you ask “what’s broken”! Super! Show me a screenshot where you score + 40- + 45 cups or more 10 times in a row, and then ask “what is broken in this game” and “what may be wrong with you”!

Those “20 cups” are on teams ranging from 4200 to 4600. The more the rise the less the cups you get huh.

Again, if you had 2800 cups you’d know that.

I know this very well, because 2 years ago I was already top-1 once. In the screenshot you have 2,730 cups, but even if you have 2,800 cups or more, the system can pick up opponents for whom you can get +30 cups or more! And opponents with +15 cups are “babies”! You would still find opponents who give +5 cups, and brag about victories over them! )))))

How can you claim to play this game and be experienced when you dont even understand the fundamentals of cups? The cup difference doesnt matter its the opponent you face. The same exact opponent can give you +40 or +20 if you play against them a few hours apart!

Anyway here is my watchtower and my raid teams. I think around 22 wins and 1 loss but i didnt fully count. My raid teams range from 4k to almost 4.3k. I faced some weak opponents this time which i usually dont but they had high cups and i needed to climb after accidpentally setting my defense team top 5 healers. Anyway you will see lots of big cups and some small cups and stronger and weaker teams in both categories

Funny thing cups…they have zero correlation to the strength of the team…

But the humourous thing is if the boards were stacked it would make no difference.

Either way here’s a funny thing…2 raids and the stronger team gives less cups…weird.

Heed your words


Is why…

That’s YOUR cup count… and it DOES matter…

The higher you go, the less you take.
And the more they take!

See how my tower is opposite yours:

When you fight for first place you will understand. Every win is worth 5 cups. Every loss is worth 50.

What does that point have to do with anything? I have been in top ten 10 before, not first place but I think I got to 5.

I, unlike some, perfectly understand how cups work.

When you look at the the difficulty of a raid win it makes absolutely zero difference what the number of cups is. What matters it the heroes in the defense team, their synergy, and their tp which factors in emblems, troops, etc.

Now is it easier to gain cups if you start at 2400 than at 2800? Absolutely, because there are more cups to be gained lower down and the opponents you will face will on average be lower TP and not as powerful. But that has nothing to do with this conversation as the premise is that we are getting “easy” wins against “babies” and that cannot be determined by looking at the cups you win. But either way, I have shown victories in my tower with lower and higher cups (much more higher cups) and lower and higher tp opponents (far more higher than lower).

So again I ask, what is your point?

You made it for me. Thanks

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