Stones' colour distribution is NOT random

All of the time it’s heavy to fight down Ursena, Aegir, Kunchen and now Teluria… that’s normal… but if you get just 2 stones of a color at the initial board and you activate a combo of ten or more… so the board changes ten times without a specific color comes on and that happens more than 30 times a day, successively at a whole week the same… that’s crazy! I’m a daily active user and it happend in that way since two weeks… You think it should not be discussed?

I’m happy to discuss it, that’s why there’s over 1000 posts on the thread :slightly_smiling_face:

But I’m yet to see a dataset that supports your argument.

So that’s 210 times per week that you made 10 moves that completely exclude one colour?

I would be very interested to see some videos of that. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m shure you would watch these videos then! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

BTW.: 210 of these videos needs nearly 10 Gb space at a public drive…

As a mostly mono player, that means I go into battle with only 1 colour I can assure you that this statment isn’t correct IMO as I have never seen 10 moves done which didn’t or never brought up my wanted colour, they may not necessarily have been in usable sets which is what playing the boards and moving tiles around is all about, but never 10 moves without a wanted colour.
And as for the 30 times a day well that’s just not even worth the time and effort to debate because based on my above comment that’s impossible.

Yes so would I, lol.

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I would never bite the hand that feeds me. All OK… CU

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Anyone getting so frustrated about the War that you get here to Write about it? I always thought that the algorithm of this game hates me, especially at war…for example, when I set up and whole team in yellow, I never get any yellow rocks and this is not a coincident…so is there any technical dude that I can bribe here, that’s less expensive than buying stuff :smile: and a bit less frustating. This one is an example of my Green set up.

a) this is the starting board, the first 35 shields, a portion of the shield you will get during the battle. or unless you can kill the tank with the first match, it is a bad board?
b) if you pause for a second and take another look at it, this board is also bad for red color. that is two out of five - you were just unlucky to be one of the two, not the other three.
c) and there are plenty of example of mono teams getting excellent boards and finishing the battle in a few moves.

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Got your point, I know this one is a bad example, but this is the latest field i’ve got. There are more fields that looks way worse than this one, but I do not screenshot them all…so either i’m very unlucky, or it’s something else I cannot put a finger on to it…but hey, still playing though, so the frustration haven’t been changed into quiting…yet :wink:

nor do you screenshot the good boards. you probably dodnt even notice them, since you take them for granted.
besides, opening board is nothing. if you rely on killing the tank with the opening board, you need to work on your skills and/or heroes. now, when you go in purple heavy and cant even charge Victor in the course of the battle before being obliterated - now that is bad boards. Vic is very fast BTW.

true, we human always more focused on the negative moments, I also always stand in the slowest line of every supermarket :wink:

But you know, I played for almost 2 years now and this is the first time I write here, so for me it’s not nagging, but searching for answers for the why I get this more often than the past 2 years. I guess that’s what support and/or a community about, helping each other. And when I’m winning, I don’t need answers or support.

But thnx for your answers and tip though, i’ve got Vic, so he will be my bad board, good board guide then :slight_smile: cheers!

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skill is when you shoot a gun ,not move tiles in a game.

Marriam-Webster disagrees:

Definition of skill

(Entry 1 of 2)

1a : the ability to use one’s knowledge effectively and readily in execution or performance

b : dexterity or coordination especially in the execution of learned physical tasks

2 : a learned power of doing something competently : a developed aptitude or ability

Both 1a and 2 apply.

It would be asking you a lot to correct this poorly elaborated script in which the elements of the board are PROPOSITALLY placed exaggeratedly separated from each other. And this happens more often when you don’t use a hero of a certain element, in which case the board is full of the element in question.

Please, this is annoying!
Do not come to claim that it is luck because I am also a developer and there is no luck in computing.

You clearly favor that you invest grotesquely in the game and leave the others to contempt.

Be careful that this does not lead the revolt of some in the community to the point that you become the target. After all, every server has its flaws.

Hi @Ellioth, welcome to the forum.

Your sentiments are a very well trodden path.

Please remember to search the forum before posting :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll just catch you up with the last 1.1k posts.

  • some people passionately agree with you
  • some people passionately disagree with you
  • so far all statistically robust data sets collected by players demonstrate random boards, but you are welcome to present evidence to the contrary :slightly_smiling_face:

yep ,like i said .skill this is a game .not real life.

yeah, that is like just your opinion, man. I think I will go with Marriam-Webster on that one.

I just did a test with my titan as I usually take on the titans using a 4/1 team but for a week I used a rainbow team just to see if the tiles where any different or stacked towards any particular colour.

When I was using my 4/1 team I got moments where I didn’t get the coloured tiles I needed in usable sets of 3 plus till the towards the end, I got moments where I got excellent starting boards, I even got tomes where I couldn’t even build up mana to fire any of my heroes at all.
But overall it was pretty much equal as to how many good and bad boards I got.

My Rainbow team well that was quite disappointing to say the least as (noting I haven’t used a rainbow team in over a year) I would of never thought that I could boards with such crappy tiles using a rainbowteam on titans, I mean I got so many times I couldn’t build mana up on my heroes to use their specials which reminded me as to why I started searching for alternatives and found stacked and mono options.
The other thing I found is my scores where so low compared to my 4/1 hits that I was almost ashamed to go to my alliance chatroom.
Having said that I did find the boards to at times bring up more of one colour than others but never fixed to any particular colour.

Overall comparing the boards with both team options I most definitely didn’t find any difference between the way the boards come up weather I was using a rainbow or 4/1 team at all.

Bad luck, and in many cases your view on these things. People count bad things but forget about the good ones, that’s human.

You can try some cup dropping, set a weaker defence. Your enemies will also get weaker, easier to fill your chest.
And if you finish/open your chest when you achieve the arena status, open the chest for the better reward.

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Yes, I meant the next tier in arena status.
Next tier will be platinum from 1800 cups on.
If you can‘t reach the 1800 at the moment to open the chest, give it a try, take a small step back, and maybe you will have more fun doing raids.
Don‘t waste your hams on searching beatable enemies, you will need any ham you can get for feeding heroes, leveling troops and distribute emblems.

Ok, seriously. I am not dropping cups, but I’m trying to fight against a legit team way above my weight class to lower my cup count before the mission. I actually rerolled 10+ times to find a more difficult team.

Not sure if uploading will work here, but I go against 3700 team with my 3000 team, and I get a monster board.

Now watch, when the mission starts, I’ll be flunking against 3200 teams lol

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