Stones' colour distribution is NOT random - MASTER Board Conspiracy

I will say that when we open the app, we’re not doing so-so that we can do complicated mathematical analysis to prove a trend we notice that frustrates us.

It would be great for everyone to have the patience required to “prove” the RNG is unfair. It’s simply not likely for the majority of us who are just trying to deal with the frustrations we’re muddled in at the moment.

Anybody who genuinely believes the boards are rigged but continues to play is an imbecile.

The second someone can conclusively prove that to me, Im out.


What this tells me is that you prefer confirmation bias over what’s actually happening. Doing the work to collect the data would probably undermine the feels and prove you wrong, so it’s easier to just say “I don’t open the app for that so I’ll just say it’s frustrating because I feel like it’s somehow rigged.” Which is your choice, of course. But you can’t expect to be taken seriously by anyone who doesn’t operate this way.

Back in the day I used to feel Cleric/Monk heroes would resist my Hel and Lepiota waaaayyyyy more than numbers stated. So I ended up collecting the numbers in just over 300 raids. My feels were wrong and the stated numbers were accurate. One was just a fraction over the stated number and the other was just a fraction under the stated number. If one really wants to be taken seriously, they’ll collect the data. Until then…. :man_shrugging:

There are plenty data collectors that have shown the distribution is correct. Im still waiting on anyone from the “boards are rigged”, like Brano over here, to show us their numbers. Posting a few screenshots of 2 raids tells us absolutely nothing at all except that he operates on in the moment frustration when things don’t work out the way he wants them to.

It’s not a “preference” to confirmation bias.

I’m merely stating an inherent weakness in the human psyche. That weakness generally reduces my expectations for people to do their due diligence.

There are many things I’d like people to think through and act upon thoroughly on rational, provable grounds. I’d love for everyone to use their turn signals and only cross the street when the light is green. I don’t have that expectation because rarely do people live up to them. I make my assessments based on a combination of what should be and what reality actually is when dealing with imperfect human beings.

Moreover, it’s something that people come and say when they’re most frustrated. They’re at their least rational when they come here and vent. It would seem that experiments have already been done to disprove the “intentionally unfair boards” theory. Cool.

Try telling that to someone who is angry because they got an opposite board that’s the difference between winning or lose a war for their Alliance. They’re not trying to hear that mathematical stuff in that moment.

That’s what I’m getting at.

I think it is. Just like it is about everything else in life. It’s easy to just roll with whatever validates your beliefs than to take the time to look into it. Looking at the world currently, “rigged boards” isn’t much different.

Maybe it is the weakness of the psyche. I like to think that people are capable of doing more, especially when they spend so much time posting random things over and over complaining about supposed rigged boards and taking random screenshots that happen to validate their nonsense when they could take that time and actually collect proper data that could prove or disprove their feels.

Are you trying to tell me that grown adults are incapable of being in control of their emotions due to some perceived malfeasance being perpetrated in a mobile game? That my elementary age children can control their emotions better than grown adults? Come on now.

Collect the data. Share the results. Yes, it may take some time, but it’s not that difficult.

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It’s not an issue of “incapable”. People make poor reads and decisions every single day.

We can’t know why they think what they think or do what they do.

If you’re a rational-first thinker, awesome. Most people are led by their emotions. In my view, I’m not going to get bent out of shape when people do people stuff. I’m done getting upset at people who make emotional decisions. I just do what I can to insulate myself from the ramifications of those decisions.

Poor reads and decisions are a result of many different factors…which can include being incapable of controlling ones emotions…as well as have nothing to do with it.

You’re right. We can’t know precisely, but there is a solid baseline for people who rely on confirmation bias. Field of psychology has been around for quite some time.

Of course you shouldn’t get bent out of shape about people who root all of their decisions based on feels. But not calling it out is just as validating to those people, in my opinion. We all make some decisions based on feels. Question is, do you learn from it or do you keep at it.

Anyways, have a good night. Time to get some zzzzz’s.

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Actually, sort of yes on this point.

Grown adults arent that different to the toddlers who throw a tantrum at the shops because they cant have the sweet/toy they want.

The outburst displays differently, but its still driven by emotion. As is much of what we do on a day to day basis.

Most adults are ‘capable’ of emotional control but are generally unaware of just how much of their day to day life is dominated by emotional responses.

“A large lart of how you feel is determined by what you do, and what you do is largely motivated by the expected impact on your happiness, and happiness is the feedback you receive about the impact of what you do”.

:arrow_up: With a game like this, that thrives by creating disparity between what you have and what you need (or feel you need), and by manipulating probability down to the lowest possible return before total disengagement, happiness is a lot less common than frustration/disappointment/anger.

Hence these emotional posts.

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I hate fixed boards, this was definitely one of the hardest battles I’ve had, I don’t know why this game is fixed.


Before any one asks why are using that team, it’s because of the pov to use rogue heroes

Another SG employee with his positively rigged boards.

We all know you suck the corporate dime.


That £5 which appeared in my bank account is due to an Issue with a gem purchase.

It has nothing to do with my completely random luck in this game.

Yes I’m cheap


So this where everyone’s luck is going :smiley:

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And it happens everytime in war, I’m just bored with these struggles.

The struggle is real.


Such horrible luck. How can you grow as a human being when everything is just handed to you on a plate?


Moments after that shot was taken, a train derailed right in that spot.


My favourite type of food


Makes me laugh when someone uses an example of a board that is in their favour… But don’t post the other 8 out of 10 which are lacking their colour tile when stacking heroes.

I say they are rigged because they proven to be so with extensive evidence.
8 out of 10 starting boards on titan have less than 7 tiles of the color you stacked… That’s not random.
33 out of 35 starting boards in challenge event had less than 7 tiles of a stacked colour…

Everyone I speak to ‘in game’. (And having been in a lot of alliances ) they all see and complain how blatantly rigged the game is… A handful of SG stooges on here think that speak for the masses… that’s laughable…

The same 5 - 6 people on these forums will write another 1000 posts to make them selves think they are the majority voice again.
It’s also laughable that people who spend think they get to see the same boards as FTP…
The majority of people don’t post on these forums because they know they’re is a small group of SG stooges that drowns anyone out.
These forums are about as rigged as the game.

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Evidence – you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


Every board is like this, I feel your pain! It’s horrendous. I was lucky to win this one!