Stones' colour distribution is NOT random - MASTER Board Conspiracy

Of course it is random! Computer- when the attacker is using mono dark give only 0 to 3 tiles in “random” intervals with 20 holy, 30 nature, 20 ice and 30 fire tiles! “Random”:joy:


So nobody playing mono dark ever got a favourable starting board?

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I understand. I apologize for statement, taht you are attacking me, maybe its a translation problem, cause Im not native english speaker and I maybe misunderstood. Im OK with that and I take it back.

Proof, that random number does not exist? That can be derivated simply from the design of current computers. Computers are deteministic machines, there is no place for randomness. There are only six gate types AND, NAND, OR, XOR, XNOR, NOT. From these blocks, every computer is built.

They’re deterministic, which means that if you ask the same question you’ll get the same answer every time. In fact, such machines are specifically and carefully programmed to eliminate randomness in results.

MIT (older post)

You are correct about the pridictability, that can seem like a random number, but its not.

So - current era computer can output unpredictable number, but its not random. With quantum computing, we could get random numbers maybe, but people are not able to maintain more than several qubits. Also my cell phone does not have a single qubit.

IBM Q one

I dont think you understand the concept of randomness. If it isnt ramdom for an individual then it is not random for a population ( whish is made up of… wait for it… individuals. I dont know what the percentages are but just keeping a rough very rough record it is plain to see boards are not random, either intentionally ( which i believe to be the case) or as a result of poor code.
Cheers to you :slight_smile:

Show us the record.

No matter how rough.


Yea. When was the last time any one of these “boards are rigged” fanatics provided a record of their silly claims? Been waiting for years.


this tournament… green anywhere… :rofl:

What have you done to the boards again ???

0/6 in war. Disgrace … don’t want to see a board anymore … talents and boards in favor of defense … we have nothing to take only money to give. 3-2 playing never fire a special. And then you tell me no rigged boards!!! Every tile in the board was in favor of the defense … and those which appear after the combinations. Half of my alliance the same thing . Well done empires you gave me one more reason not to buy even the valor

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Here we go again MASTER Board Conspiracy.
Candidate for merge @Dudeious.Maximus @PlayForFun


Not going to go in details any longer cause it seems you don’t want to listen to the experts but 1. you seem not to understand the concept of point of view 2. you don’t need qubits and quantum computers to observe some quantum effects.

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Are there any videos available that compare E&P boards to Planet X and the Flat Earth?

I think these could all be related and might be the triangle that we all should be aware of.


Did you know that the Earth is only 6000 years old, and dinosaur fossils were placed in the ground by God as a prank?

I know this to be true as a scientist called Professor Bill Hicks did a presntation on it.


No need to upload a video to see the obvious. We all have seen what is going on. This is just a message to the authors

I’m not uploading any video, not me guv!

We sure have. A bunch of nonsensical “they rigged boards” venting. It’s ok. Hope you feel better.

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Boards are fixed against mono!

I believe that is …

Miami must be the Flat Earth point. “Florida Man” and all that …

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Stones color distribution looking pretty mod in this photo:



Keep on those thoughts and give them money to introduce every day new heroes that you can’t acquire and if you do pay a fortune to level them up and after that find the tiles to use them lol

Two raids in a row I just started the battle and had enormous cascades almost immediately, that basically charged all of my heroes and weakened the enemies so much that i didnt even get to use all of the specials.

Both fights over in less than a minute each.

Shame i didn’t get this kind of luck in War :man_shrugging:

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