Stones' colour distribution is NOT random - MASTER Board Conspiracy

Which is why long term stats win the random argument.

Based on no science whatsoever, I can absolutely confirm that when you play with a rainbow team of solid heroes and level 30 troops, you pretty much never feel like it’s not random. It does however feel like it’s the case when playing with mono (which I did religiously until quite recently), exactly as it should be! Sure sometimes it can be hard to get started with a rainbow when the tiles aren’t configured great, but it’s always random :slight_smile:

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The latest releases have been seriously biased against teams with missing heroes, by overpopulating the board turn after turn with mainly the missing element shields and starving the team of mana intake that is predestined for defeat of your team.

You can change the elements to a different missing element l and then those missing heroes shields will now be what over populate the boards to a point where the enemy has already used skills twice and hit nearly every turn before any of your heroes get enough mana to use a skill.

I am beginning to lose interest and find it very frustrating to repeatedly lose to team combinations and power levels that I rarely lost to before. I am bring forced to not miss an element which reduces my chance of victory against higher power higher level teams or even similar.

Please check you algorithms that relate to this behaviour.

I was told by support that the boards are totally random and have no relation to the heroes or the team arrangements, but that is not what is confirmed by the behavior I just shared.

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Sorry had to rant


I have just had the same with a mono red team of mine in a revenge raid …
Started with a field of green lol …

Been there so many times. The kicker are the raid tournaments with forbidden tiles.
Hey look, a yellow tank and a whole bunch of purple tiles… now why didn’t I take purple heroes, looks at tournament rules. F…