Stones' colour distribution is NOT random - MASTER Board Conspiracy

Great example! If only you have a picture or video this would actually mean something.


I hit today’s titan. Blue titan so I took a mono green team.
1st hit 16k. Awful board which did not get better
Second hit 110k. A glorious starting board! Should’ve taken large mana potions. Could’ve got 110K from the opening cascade if I had. Tailed off at the end.
Third hit 90k. An okay starting board worked it well and, typically, got much better at the end. Must’ve got at least half of that 90K in the closing 15 seconds

Raids today - 5 victories from initial 6 flags. The one team I lost to was a crazy loss. Better tiles at the start and I would’ve crushed that Ludwig tank and not needed to worry about Khufu destroying my team in 2 shots. Rematch. Yellow diamond waiting to be created under Ludwig from the start (Had 3 yellows in my team - Unchanged from the first battle). Ludwig dead within 10 seconds. whole team taken out in a little over 30 seconds.

Conclusion - The boards are “rigged”…ish. Sometimes in your favour. Other times not so much. Seems randomly rigged to me to go for you or against you or sometimes you have to work it.

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :wolf:


Another example of “Pike analyzes threads he’s not really interested in”. The main task will be to find out how many sentences there are and where they end. Let us begin.

I omit the title. It makes no sense and yet everyone knows what is probably meant.
I won’t go into the spelling either…

Best exemple are titan board
OK. It is the titan board. But what is it? It is the best example. For what? Well, it relates to the title. As I said, this makes no sense. So hopefully we’ll learn more in the following.

often in 1:30
Something often happens. But what? And it happens in 1:30. Insiders know that this is the titan duration. So something happens during this fight.

you only able to find 7 tiles
Now we are able to find something. Namely 7 tiles. That’s average, so not really worth mentioning.

in raid
Wait! Now are we in raid? We were just at titan!

it never happens
Now this part becomes clearer. It never happens! But what? Well, getting 7 tiles. So the average. In raid.

change my mind
I don’t think we have a chance to do that. So let’s skip it.

they want us to spend
This is nothing new. And not surprising either. But what does this have to do here with titans? Or raid? Or boards?

or battle items
What!? I’m out now. It doesn’t make any sense here!

In the end, everyone has to know for themselves what they get out of it. Despite thorough analysis, I didn’t understand anything. I also don’t know whether @Keven is identical to @Kenni. And if I ever do something like that again. :roll_eyes: I only know that punctuation is your friend. Tune in again next time. If there is a next time…


Don’t be stupid titan without battle items you not getting any tile and raid you mostly have a good board each time

So boards are rigged to help you win raids?


I thought that was obvious!

When I win a raid the RNG was rigged in my favour. Irrefutable as my cat who watched will attest.

With the caveat that when I Lose a raid and it was obviously rigged against me and nothing anyone can say will change my mind. Sinister dark forces are at work here.

I mean everyone knows this. You can’t argue with the fact that the boards are rigged really.

It’s like arguing the Moon isn’t made of cheese when all the evidence in that Wallace & Gromit expose film said it was cheese. Good cheese, great with crackers or thick sliced bread. Buttered or not is a matter of personal preference but absolutely I won’t hear anything bad about pickled onions. What kind of monster wouldn’t have pickled onions with the cheese board? Exactly my point.


Board are rig.
So my question is what type of rig are board?.

  • Big rig
  • Oil rig
  • Rig.(type of dogfish).

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I like the fourth option


Nah, even then it would be a one-off normal RNG scenario.

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I don’t dare to vote they might discover it and I will be forced to board a rig as a bad exemple


Board are rig whale are sad :disappointed: try to defend their 100 000 $ game :joy:

Credit where credit is due. You have provided the most evidence so far on this forum for the boarda are rigged argument. Congratulations!

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Keven, you’re truly a “9+10=21” kind of a guy, aren’t you?

So i hear that boards are rigged against ftp players when facing ptp defenses…

While the boards are not “rigged” we do all know that the entire board, all the way down, is decided at the beginning of the battle, right? It’s like a scroll that goes down thousands of lines. The game does not randomly decide what’s coming up from the bottom each time you move, it’s already there at the beginning of the fight.

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This is why war are close isn’t random i play enough to know each war are different algorithm

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And what is your point?
Even if 1000 lines of 1000 boards are already calculated, they are stull random if they used rng to calculate the tile distribution.

Happy gaming

What makes you think this is the case?

Programatically speaking this is much, much, much more difficult than simply choosing random tiles each time a replacement hole needs to be filled. And I just can’t think of a use case where they would want to expend the extra effort in programming it this way.

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Is it more difficult? What we know 100% for sure is that as soon as you make your move, regardless of how many combinations there are and regardless of what comes up from the bottom, both your turn and the opponents turn are complete. The 10, 15, 30 seconds it takes for all those combinations to come up and play out are just filler. We know this because as they are playing out you can hold on a hero and see if they’re dead or not. I think it just reasons that everything beyond that is probably already there. You can also play without an internet connection for a fairly decent amount of time before the fight crashes on you. And I suppose I could bring up the fact that, at least some of the time, your raid opponent gets a notification on their phone that the raid is over before it is actually finished. The game knows you have lost and there is no combination that can bring you back.

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This explains some of the “weird” notifications that I get when others raid me.

When I log in quickly to check, nothing in my WT. I do other stuff first. A minute or 2 later, I recheck WT and there it is: that raid I was notified about. :joy::rofl:

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