Stones' colour distribution is NOT random - MASTER Board Conspiracy

This is more of a human experience issue than it is the devs picking on us. When things go our way, the universe/luck/the RNG has smiled on us. When things don’t go our way, someone is to blame.

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That’s about the only thing that made sense in your post. :joy: Guess that tin foil hat gave you a different definition of burden of proof.

Pointing out that someone is mistaken is not “silencing” them.

Boards r not rigged… Its just luck… Once i got zero tiles

But i won that raid as after few moves, suddenly purple tiles started to rain!!!

The problem is not the boards, the problem is playing mono…


Waited until the Fated Summon begins and you get Horghall on your 99th pull.

I would like to see him tooo… but Data retired long ago… :frowning:
Although I don’t remember which episode…

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Above board same as yours. Work with it!

I just got this board. I had to clear the board 3 times before I got the first match.

I won the battle somehow.