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I wrote that I read a lot here and also that he wrote one here that has a sample of 31 matches and wrote that it’s okay and suddenly it was already considered a relevant sample, but if you write that you have 31 samples where it doesn’t work, all of a sudden it’s small sample and I reacted to it. And I already have over 40 matches where the Magni talent has not been activated, but if the opponent has 80% of each game. It is clear to me how this game works.

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Yes, you cherry pick whatever suits your narrative.

So when he writes it and it sits on one side, it’s okay and nothing happens, and when I start dealing with the opposite, it’s a mistake. An interesting attitude. Whenever it is written in a negative, everything is made up and bad, but if it is in favor, it does not matter what it is and how much it is.

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You are describing your own attitude there.

First, neither your nor his data sets are sufficient to prove anything, which was probably his point.

Second, there are sufficient data sets here that you have been ignoring, presumably because they contradict your belief.

Third, many here have offered many suggestions to improve your play based on your videos that you also seemingly ignore.

Fourth, the issue you raise regarding talents is off-topic.


So when someone advised me and it worked, I thanked, ignoring is a strong word. I’ve always been polite here.

And with that I politely bow out.

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And as for the stones, then. In my opinion, and watching my matches, it doesn’t look like a coincidence. Every moment I have an area without one color, especially when I decide to go mono. It is interesting that there is not a single color of mine on the board. Secondly, 83% of the stones are so systematically scattered that it is too late and useless until I combine them. Another observation is that this only happens when the opponent has special heroes, if he has classics, so the distribution of stones is 95% playable. What is it then? So why it doesn’t work at least 50% to 50%. That is my observation. This is the only game I know where when a person goes to play, he does not know whether he will get the opportunity, whether some support (talents) or abilities will work for him (I will give two ninja and do not repel an attack in three rounds) and even the strength of credit is not responsible to what was written here + 25% defense and 25% attack, but this topic has already been taken over here, and after a long argument it was said that there is also a coincidence, but it doesn’t matter. So tell me at least some rule by which the game is governed. I will be happy if at least some are thank you.

No claims are insane in the biosphere of the forum

Ouch that means the forum is insane :scream:

Why am I still in this forum? :crazy_face:


It has to remain insane and crazy otherwise I don’t belong here :popcorn: :beer: :cocktail: the game is random… My liquor bottles are random… And in the end it doesn’t really matter :notes:


Because most of us love you.
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Just get days where the boards are fantastic and days where there awful its just something we get use to

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Because there are quiet attractive little micro-climates here and there. That’s a sort of life from an adventure novel. The hero finds their peaceful protected corner in the big wild forum, and from there, ventures out on occasion.


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