Stones' colour distribution is NOT random - MASTER Board Conspiracy

Don’t be @Gartenerbsen .
It’s not like it’s your fault :wink:

Everyone gets bad boards, I agree. But when will I get the good ones? In two years, I could also be in the top 1 in such a tournament sometime. When I look at the first 100 players in the tournament table, I wonder how there can be players with such heroes who would not normally have a chance, but it’s just speculation about why they are there and why he gives them boards.

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Not exactly stone related, but here we go again.
I lost a raid in tournament only because enemy tank (Kunchen+18) at 35% chance has manashielded my Hel 4 times in a row.
Chances of that happening: 1 out of 81.

Can that happen? Yes.
Is it plain dumb that it can? Yes.
Would I like to see that actually happen 1 time out of 81? Yes.

Is it made worse by the stupid forbidden colour rule that charges only defense and is up to the PRNG mood? Sure.

On a side note I shot Hel a fifth time while blinded by Justice (-40% accuracy).
It was sound because I would have charged her back immediately.
3 targets, 3 misses.

Yay, Yhc, you’ve been unlucky!

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