Stones' colour distribution is NOT random - MASTER Board Conspiracy

I’ve recorded and processed all my fights for about half a year. I’ve played mono teams all this time and registered exactly how many tiles appeared from the (varying) colour of my mono team, compared to the statistical expectation of once in every five tiles. I’ve made many interesting observations, that I’m planning to share here in time. For now a couple of the most important ones:

  1. The totals over half a year of raids, tournaments and war, nicely added up to almost exactly 100% of the expected amount

  2. I know the feeling of getting screwed by the game all to well. What I found was, that I was right about it often, but not always. Specifically in fights against tougher opponents, I would feel that the boards let me down when in fact the boards were fine in numbers.

  3. You only need to get around 15% too few tiles of your colour during a raid, to be drastically affected by it, making you feel like you’re getting way less. This is because the odds of being able to match 3 of them decrease in a very high rate as the amount of usable tiles gets less.

  4. When both the starting board and the first 6 turns give you on average 30% too few tiles, you’re already very likely to lose against an opponent of your own size.

So it’s not true that the tiles are structurally not in your favour. The problem is that small fluctuations in the number of usable tiles are blown out of proportion by match-3.


So the 5x7 match-3 is extremely sensitive to small fluctuations and you still can go 90 seconds in the game without being able to charge a fast hero.
If anything, I’m starting to see two problems rather than one :face_with_monocle:

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Apologies, I always forget the game is specifically just against you. Of course the boards are just rigged against you. Again, apologies I forgot they had singled just you out of the 1 million+ players that are in the game.


Just curious, has anyone ever received even the slightest bit of help from the people running this game? Or,like with me, do they just happily take your money and continue to let you feel pissed off and frustrated with the obvious flaws in the war mechanics?

Tell me, why did I have no doubt that there would be no other response from the developers? Even if there is a quintillion of evidence that the boards and probabilities in the game are absolutely not random and depend on who paid and how much, the developers will NEVER give another answer!

Have you read this entire thread? There have been a number of responses, and explanations of those responses… however it now feels like everyone has chosen a side and hunkered down in sullen determination (or sudden shouting) for their side, whichever it is.

I’m not a developer, I’m a player. My thought on this has changed slightly over time based on proofs brought by other players in this thread. If you read back, you can see it.

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Don’t forget that you live in the age of computer technology, and most processes can be automated! Developers will not manually search for who pays more and who pays less, it’s all done at the program level! The developers have a database of players, which stores information about EACH player: how many crystals he bought, how much money he spent on it, and then, when one player attacks another player, the program compares their data on monetary costs and decides whether to give the attacker good boards, or not to give! This algorithm will make even a schoolboy!

Oh please :roll_eyes:. If I believed a game company persecuted me for failing to spend on their game, I’d quit playing.

I forgot we were actually in the Matrix…

In that code is them specifically targeting certain players to only ever get poor boards. See if you can spot it…


Dude, I’ve written several times about how it can be proven that the boards are not determined by what heroes you selected.

I guess you could then claim that the algorithm is so amazingly advanced that they could make it so it’s just against you, even though the board is identical regardless of heroes… but Occam’s razor comes into play. Is it more likely that the devs built a cutting edge ML for manipulating a match 3 game… or that they simply wrote yet another gatcha game that plays on people’s inability to understand probability?

To date there has been zero shred of actual evidence of this. So yeah, not surprising that nothing is being done about it

How did you find out he was talking about just one player? I also have a different opinion than you.


Exactly (the truth is out there) according to what I read on the forums, he is not the only one who points it out.

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I really liked your post… analytical and unbiased.

Just curious when will we be able to see the data you have collected? I have done some data collecting in the past, as have others, but if you have half a years’ worth of data then the volume will be comparable or greater than anything that has been collected in the past.


The four of you should get together and compare notes :smiley:

This guy spends … just haven’t found a direct quote of it yet

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I like to be convinced that I am wrong, I stick to what I see. I have another thing that seems strange to me, I’ll give you an example. Sheshat gave me some bypass, I have her for 20 talents and I play with her every day and she never gave anything like that. My opponents started to give me some bypass but my heroes don’t and I even have a blue ninja where it is written that it should be 100%, of course there will be some condition that is not written there so I don’t know but my downfall never did it and why ? Why does it work for someone and never for someone? And I could write and put videos here, but it was always like a coincidence, so if the coincidence for 1000 attacks is 0, then no one can be surprised that I’m not 100% convinced that it is so. I have no problem admitting a mistake and saying that it’s all like someone writes here, but if someone writes another version that is more inclined to how it seems to me, it is logical that I will agree with it.

That’s like me asking why you got Seshat, but I never have? My answer for that is “chance” (aka “RNG”); for whatever reason, some players get things that others haven’t (yet?)…I hope one day to get Seshat! And that you may figure out the board system that so plagues you. :slight_smile:

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Who are? The aliens that control the boards in a mobile match 3 game?

Dude…if you are like John Connors and the future sent you back to warn us about them I totally apologise for ever doubting you

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