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I was 4 for 6 in the war for one-shots and finished third overall for points. One of my failed attacks earned two points. I haven’t spent a penny on the game since last gift your alliance deal in July. Previous before that was first PoV in March.

Since I don’t spend, by your logic I should have gone 0 for 6 because of bad boards.

PS I have gone 0 for 6 in the past. I have also gone 6 for 6. On average I am usually 4 for 6.

95% of the time those who lose will complain about boards. That is partly human nature and partly because there would have been some luck element involved. I had a bad war by my standards and scored 205. Yes I feel there was some bad luck involved but I also feel I could have done a bit better if I had played a bit more smartly or chosen my opponents a bit better. As my usual score is around 240-250 the tiles are clearly there for most of the matches.

And no, the tiles don’t have anything to do with spending. Numerous FTP and CTP people are very successful and have provided their input on this. The tiles I get have never varied from when I was FTP, CTP or the odd occasion when I spend very heavily in a month (that is $50USD for me). And throughout all of my alliances I have heard teammates who spend much more heavily than me complain about boards, showing that RNG is equal opportunity

Those who complain about bad boards all the time do not have the board manipulation/team creation skills that

When you fight against an alliance in which all the top heroes are absolutely the same, talents and units are pumped 100%, then you will tell me how many victories you and your allies were able to win! I bet $ 1000 that everyone will have a maximum of 3 out of 6, but not more! And your opponents will have a MINIMUM 3 out of 6, standard - 4, 5 or 6 out of 6!

In all wars every opponent I face is between 300 and 600TP higher than my attacking team. I think that is fairly normal. Tel/Heim/Frigg tanks, Vel, GM, Jabber, Drake, etc. Troops level 25 to 30. Max emblems. TP in the 4600 to 4725 range. I maintain a 240-250 average war score

You don’t understand: they selected an alliance for us, where the players have ALL heroes - top, ALL heroes and ALL units are pumped 100%, plus in the defense team ALL heroes are the same! When you get to such an alliance, write your results, just honestly!

First, you are in a 3-man alliance. That severely limits the pool from which your opponents can be drawn. I also believe there is a time limit on when you can face the same opponent again, further limiting the pool.

Second, I am in an alliance with a huge variance in member levels and benches (from around 20 to close to 80). I am far from the strongest bench, we have some members with Telluria, Gm, Finley, etc. My war tank is Costumed Elena (used to be Marjana). My raid tank is Justice. I am regularly top scorer for my alliance and usually in the top 3. We have lost wars where I was 6 for 6. And we have won wars where I was 0 for 6. We also regularly face single element tanks.

I am not sure what you are trying to prove but since my experience in the game is apparently so vastly different from yours you aren’t proving anything to me.

BTW this war I one-shot the opponent’s strongest team with my second string green squad against a Telly tank. Four 4*, probably 1000TP difference. Telly even fired and I had no healer. Good board.

I’m not seeing how that is different from what I am fighting

You again did not understand anything! When we are given equivalent alliances with the forces of the 4300-4700 teams, this is normal, we have about the same, and we fight in different ways: once we win, sometime we lose. And if we have bad boards, the opponent has them too! If we have good boards, so will our opponent! Sometime I take the first place, sometime the third, I can be the last!
And in the example above, I wanted to show that the game intentionally gave us bad boards, and our opponents - good ones, because the opponents spent a huge amount of money!
From this we conclude that the author of this forum thread is 500% right: the distribution of stones in the game is NOT random!

Because you are again not making sense, maybe?


You have no idea what boards they had. They won either because they had better heroes, better skill, or both. You can’t see how they played or what they were given. Nor can we see how good or bad your boards were, or how well or poorly you played

That is about the regular level of analytical conclusion I would expect to see from this thread

Which you have not shown at all.

This is quite hilarious. I understand exactly what you are saying. I just don’t agree with you.


Please explain to me what each of your heroes’ talents are supposed to do, and when they are supposed to trigger.
Are they all + 20 emblems?

This triggering of talents would also interest me, when in 1000 matches talent was not abandoned even once, with several heroes. And on average, it’s not even possible 1% per game to use talent for all heroes. Conversely, rival heroes also use 100% for talent to work, even though they have only 65% ​​written on this, which is why I think it’s about money. We can’t influence the functioning of talents, so the only thing we can think of is money, otherwise I can’t explain 1000 matches and talent didn’t work once.

Let me ask you again. Please explain to me what each of your five heroe’s talents are supposed to do, and what event in a match is supposed to trigger them.

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No need to rip out individual phrases from my messages!
Let’s summarize: Have you asked for proof that the game is “playing along” with stronger players? You got them 100%! You can judge by yourself that you win more in such cases, you can give examples, show how random number generators work, you can even provide proofs of a selection of algorithms from an infinite variety of options at the programming level, but your proofs are nothing compared to mine. ! It is impossible to go against real facts!
We were given top rivals who, judging by the heroes, invested a lot of money in the game! And it doesn’t matter to me what boards our opponents had, I know what boards we had, and I see how many points we scored, and how many rivals! And the total difference in the score is more than 2 times - the final confirmation of my facts, and I see no point in further discussions!
If you want, you can continue to believe that everything is fair in this game, and all your wins or losses are an accident, but the last war put everything in its place!
You can continue to spend thousands of dollars and buy crystals and all kinds of nonsense, but for me all purchases in this game are over! I’d rather transfer this money to funds for helping sick children or shelters for homeless animals!

Sure there is.

You are right, there is absolutely no point in discussing this further


Well thank goodness that your poor skills at this game will benefit someone!

So I tried a new heroes called Neith, but as always, using 0% abilities, they wanted evidence that the game is influenced by money, so here’s more proof. That’s about 5 heroes who has 0% abilities. I won’t even talk about stones in the first round without stones and in the second round he put stones (to fit into the statistics) thus blocking the functioning of abilities. So it doesn’t matter if the stones are given or not, the game will always find a way to support the players who pay them. I haven’t found the opposite of the fact that it’s not like that here yet.

And in the foot, an opponent who bought paid Heroes who has almost the same abilities as Neith has a 100% success rate, so this is their chance of 0% and 100% is in the final 50% so they are like on average. Just that the one who pays is like a Top player because everyone has the same chances and he wins more. In other games, they all have the same options and there are abilities and players appreciated here, you just say “but he had to put money in it” and they have no weight Top players.

So… what talent are you expecting Neith to activate, and when should she activate it?

When activating talent, all heroes should have a chance to dodge the attack. 35% have a chance to dodge! How many times are the angles?

Neiths talent has nothing to do with dodge. Read up on your heroes and under what conditions their talents have a chance of activating instead of expecting them to.activate in impossible circumstances

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What impossible situations, loaded, fired and should be able to use the ability. This is how it works even if it’s great! I’m talking about the second match on video, it’s clear to me that there was nothing he could do in the first video.

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