Stones' colour distribution is NOT random - MASTER Board Conspiracy

There’s a reason it’s called RNGesus …


Dumb question but I’m still learning the game and lingo: what does RNG stand for/mean?

Random Number Generator

It’s a computer routine used to generate many aspects of the game such as gems, summons results, etc

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Thanks - I had seen the mention of “RNG” quite a lot on here so finally figured I would ask.

Yes one of the biggest complaints here is that the random number generator is in fact not random but skewed against the player. But no one can demonstrate this.

In fact all tests of the game show that it IS in fact random.


See here for more E&P jargon:


I believe it is random it’s just frustrating, that;s all.
Some boards are great some are rubbish. In any kind of game that will happen.

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RNG tends to be streaky. You have a period of incredible good luck in gem boards, summons, etc. Then you have a period of incredible bad luck in the same. Some people equate the bad luck with the game being nerfed or the RNG being skewed against them. Hence the complaints.


But which player? Some player wins, some other loses. It’s not like we’re at the casino where the house is trying to cheat to earn more money.

No one has proposed a motive for why SGG would spend the intensive respirces needed to code up skewed boards that encompass all the conspiracy theories I’ve seen posted. The simplest way to write the game is to completely randomize the tiles. And that’s what SGG says they’ve done. And that’s what every bit of statistical evidence we have confirms.

Short of having KPMG audit the source code, I’m really not sure what else can be done to convince the skeptics.


I don’t think logic really enters into the equation. When someone is ranting it’s all about emotion.

Well i do understand getting heated if you are currently on the receiving end of streaky negative RNG. I have experienced good and bad in the past.

What i never did—when i was “breathing threats and murder” (really chuffed)—was get out pen and paper (or screenshots) and record a hundred, two hundred samples and see for myself.

It was so much easier to come to the forum and complain and be justified by others who shared my limited experience. Without recording samples, I wouldn’t notice when my luck changed, except in the most vague of ways.

Other players HAVE recorded samples. You have a few choices…Look at their samples and decide:

A) Are they lying?
B) Are they mistaken?
C) Are they spot-on?

Your choice will determine how you respond to your fellow players here when they disagree with you. And people don’t have to agree.

Your last option is not to bother to look.

However, if you do that, then you give up the right to make the A, B, C determination above. You are choosing to be willfully ignorant without examining any facts.

Take it from someone who is daily at the mercy of RNG. I understand. But i think you are wrong. :wink:


The fact is only poor players would complain about this. A good player would not play mono in the first place. Anyone can play mono and win if the board is good. Anyone. And when is not, is the fault of the game. Besides, a good player is able to turn the odds of a bad board in half of cases. I do this often. Sometimes is nothing I can do. Sometimes I win memorable fights. But I never complain of the board. Hey SG, stop messing around with MeanMachine and others :slight_smile:

Btw, I wonder what these players do at tournaments like this one. When the good players have blue as tank or entire middle. When they can’t use green. Do they even join? Or just give up because can’t use 5 heroes of opposite color? :slight_smile:

If KPMG are involved I would definitely suspect something fishy :rofl:

This is rather judgemental. Some rather good players play mono all the time.

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I don’t see how could someone be a good player and play mono. It makes no sense for me. Because indeed, like many already said, there are a lots of boards that lacks in the wanted color. So how can be someone a good player, if lose half of attacks at war? Perhaps less, perhaps more sometimes. A real good player was Zero, the legend of this game. And I watched every single video of his and many should do that. He is a good player. And every player who knows Zero, also knows his opinion about mono. And in my opinion, like I said already, any noob can play mono and win with a good board. That not makes him a good player. I don’t wanna give names from YT, from players who screwed half of attacks because playing mono. The videos are still there anyway :slight_smile: So this is my opinion and of course is judgemental, how else? This is the reason for so many complaints here, in the first place. Well, I will praise myself now :slight_smile: I rarely lose one attack of six at war. Just at the finished war, I made three times the score my opponents did. Usually I do just double :rofl: Of course, I don’t play mono and the chances to be screwed by puzzle are reduced. So, to finish this long and maybe boring answer, I don’t consider anyone who play mono, being a good player. This is my opinion. I respect yours too. Rarely two opinions are the same here :slight_smile:

Agree. Let’s keep the conversation constructive, everyone. :+1:

That said, it is easier to win mono with “good” RNG. I’ll concede that. :wink:

Playing mono is something that’s popular, even among elite players. For top scores in challenge events, it’s mandatory.

Why? The math of the damage calculation. Damage-per-tile rises exponentially as you stack, not linearly. Two purple heroes do more than double damage; four purple heroes do more than double then damage done by two. Three or four tiles of the mono color are enough to kill almost any hero; you’re not relying on getting enough tiles to charge specials.

It’s a high-risk strategy, but it gives a weaker team the highest odds of beating a tough opponent.


It is but in challenge events you can replay any stage until you get a decent starting board (provided you can afford WE refills).

I used to go mono in wars but it turned out I don’t have teams strong enough for some colors.

Just my 3 cents. If a had a roster of min, 30 maxed 5* (like Zero, Dator and all the best known players) I’d play with my favourite 3:2 team every attack, regardless of tank colour. And I would not consider myself a better player that now when I sometimes must use mono (due to a lack of maxed 5*) in wars and win with 4200+ with my 3500 mono team. I hate mono but many times its just simply necessary.
So saying that someone is a “better player” because he doesn’t play mono is really a sign of his great roster (regardess if this roster is managed by milion hours played or deep pockets) than skill.

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