Stones' colour distribution is NOT random - MASTER Board Conspiracy

The only heroes Krampus responded and also the angle of the cube and everyone else did not move, so only one cube was recognized by the game as actually used!

Alfrike’s cubes stop once one misses/ dodges there is a thread related to this regarding using her alongside Wu Kong. (I would link to the thread but still haven’t figured out how to do that)

If it hadnt been dodged all 5 would have hit into Krampus doing progressively less damage each time due to the increasing def boost.

Agree with the others. Team set up her is most of your problem as opposed to board (it’s difficult to judge board based on such a short clip in the middle of a fight but the fact you allowed a very slow hero to get their special off suggests it couldn’t have been that bad.)

Oh okay… I didn’t know you were just showing a demonstration. I never play rainbow or 2-1-1-1. Definitely not without strong color to tank. Even without demonstration I know it’s gonna end bad. I’ve heard some players use rainbow in raids and I kind of don’t get how can they win with it (maybe excluding very fast wars/tournaments, there can be 2-1-1-1 attack line-up viable with mana troops lvl 11+)
I don’t know how it is with Alfrike’s cubes, that why if 1 of her cubes get dodged, the rest just won’t fire; similar with Finley.

It’s a short video, is it supposed to be, what more do you want to see? Why should I put the whole video here to help it? I’m playing with Alfrike and this isn’t the first time she hasn’t released the dice, I just firmly believe that my criticism here on the forum has nothing to do with how the game works for me, because I’ve had to give up titan aids, hung certain talents and now Even the basic characteristics of heroes so it really will no longer have anything to do with coincidences

I’ve started using rainbow and am loving it - but only vs tel tanks (and some other summoner tanks). I base my team around skadi and as long as she fires a good salvo I win. You do need a game changing hero like that at the top level though I feel - at least with my skill level

Alfrike only fires five cubes.

And, there is some discussion here about her special stopping when it misses (as in a dodge).

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Well Skadi, so not suprising. I saw what she can do VS minion summoner heroes; heroes with minions. I have 0 s3 5*, and I doubt I’ll ever get more than 1.

I’m unlucky in all event portals and in s2 portal but s3 does seem to like me… skadi frigg gefjon and lady loki

Still no one has explained this difference and I’m interested, I want to know why my Alfrike has such a small impact on the opponent.

Did you calculate it based on the actual hero stats at the time she fired, taking into account the status changes?

This is *** at its finest…

One start blue tile…:rofl:

And…? What is the punchline?

Hi @Juzjokez,

I think you’re starting board is very advantageous, since you can immediately clear red and green tiles that will “mana-up” Gravy (very fast) and Telly + clear the way for a blue tile stack (lower right) for your Loki tank… :thinking:

That little green match at the top makes a nice cascade and you’re on for a great board…

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That green match basically clears the entire board.

Nope…Red ninja kept firing…and the board kept giving me red and green tiles…no purple to charge Seshat to dispell…and no blue for Loki…

Loss the match…won the 2nd tho…took a long time…but eventually won the 2nd match

Nope…loss the match

Boards are rigged man. One blue tile. Seriously?!!!


This was my opening board for a battle in the current raid tournament. I thought I was screwed seeing only 1 red tile but a favorable cascade from the first move opened up the board to lots of red tiles! Ended up with a win.


Awwww look…he knows how to photoshop…-applause- :man_shrugging:t5:…you’re so talented

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