Stones' colour distribution is NOT random - MASTER Board Conspiracy

What will it prove exactly, if at least one opponent has some other hero in the center?

They do not give better boards to paying players sadly :rofl:
I started spending around September and my boards did not get better.
Sometimes I win with much stronger opponent, the other day i lose revenge to a weaker one. There is no pattern here, as much as we would like to find it.

But… if you are trying to win against 4500+ teams composed of seasonal heroes and strong troops using average 3500 team… In most cases you will lose. So yeah, paying players (or very advanced FTP) with far better rosters and developed troops will have more wins, simple logic :woman_shrugging:t2:

I recommend watching NLR’s video on youtube about psychology of randomness. It does mess up with our brains indeed!
I caught myself many times thinking “hey it can’t be right, where are freaking red tiles?” Then got diamonds in the next match.

I get angry at the game many times, believe me. But RNG gotta RNG :-1:t3:


The problem I have is colors seem to come in waves. 10-12 boards with mostly blues, then 10-12 boards with mostly yellow and so on. To me it is pretty consistent. If I get a red starting board it will be red for a while. Once this changes, I need to switch to a different color. Over long periods time these boards will appear random but they are not in short periods of time. I believe this is what people are seeing.


  1. This will prove that ALL players in the opponent’s alliance have invested a lot of money to buy the right heroes.
  2. If your Alliance defeats such opponents, it will prove that the boards in the game are really random and do not depend on how much money the players of your Alliance have invested
  3. if you lose to such an Alliance with a big difference, it will prove that the boards in the game are rigged, and that the game really gives more good boards to those who paid more, and those who do not pay, the game specifically gives few good boards against “paying” players!

I am in a top 100 alliance. It is a given that many people from both my alliance and any alliance we face will have spent money to get to their position. It is a fairly safe bet that the amount of spending that both alliances have done will be similar.

Most of the opposition we face have very strong defences, but those defences are not all GM/Tel/Vel. There are many permutations now that are just as strong or stronger than GTA, including Heim or Frigg or even Francine as tank, ninjas or various other S3 heroes as flank.

We both lose and win against these equally matched alliances. I personally take on defences from 4.5xK TP (rare) to 4.6xK TP (typical) to 4.7xk TP (slightly less common) with my teams from 4.1xK TP to 4.4xK TP. I would make the assumption that most of the defences I take on are of players who have spent more than me based on the heroes they have and their troops, but that assumption may not necessarily be correct.

Most wars the wins and losses are pretty close, from 100 to 400 points difference. The occasional blowout will also happen based on a slight alliance mismatch or a particularly good or bad day.

I find it hard to imagine what sort of alliance wars you have at your level just as I am sure you struggle to understand the types of wars that I have. However none of what you are talking about proves anything, and everyone on both my side and the opposing side has good and bad boards and the alliance that wins will be the one that can manipulate their bad boards better than the opposing team

It doesn’t belong here but I don’t know where I would put it elsewhere, I don’t want to translate this whole page where it could go. Just a short reaction. Has there been any change again? If tir had the ability to revive so he had such wings in the right corner, now I will kill him and nothing will happen no revival just goes further than nothing and then he will die even if he has those wings, can someone tell me what he knows now when he will revive and when not? well thank you

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he always revives if his buff is active, when buff is not active depends if talent activate as he is a fighter he can revive at the end of turn with 1 hp…

Another week, another video blaming the board and the fact they don’t spend money.

Or they do spend money but not enough.

Or just the right amount but it was a full moon at the time.

Or the wrong amount but it wasn’t a full moon but it was windy out and the migratory Geese hadn’t passed the same time they normally do this year but there was a frost this morning.

It’s strange but no one ever seems to blame the way they played it. Which 95% of the time is the real issue here.

Plus a criminal misunderstanding of how hero special and class talents actually work.


I ask because now he always died and then he came to life and he couldn’t be killed while he had those wings, now he had wings and he didn’t die it didn’t really do anything and then he died even though he had wings so I don’t know when to kill him since it doesn’t depend on those wings I ask because I thought those wings determine when they come to life

Really on joon’s last stroke, the tyr special was active. I also didn’t understand why it didn’t revive … Could someone explain it, I would also like to know why

That’s actually a visual bug… If you watch the video he should be dead on previous joon shot and revived with no buffs, if you pay attention he also has the hot icon but he’s not healing himself at the end of turn… @Guvnor @littleKAF this one might be moved to bugs and issues, visual bug on Tyr…


I have the same problem. If I choose green héroes, Never appear green stones. It’s frustating. Isnt random. It’s started after Last christmas upgrade. It’s really annoying!

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1.) I dont always get top heroes.
2.) What? and no my chests and whatnot are crappy just like most everyone elses.
3.) Everyone is getting lots of blems.
4.) Nope, I get bad boards just like everyone else. Couple wars ago I was sub 170, my boards were god awful.
5.) NOT TRUE. @TribL is a phenomenal player that hasn’t paid a DIME and constantly kicks butt. Also @SamMe is another kick butt f2p player.
Good or bad boards they crush both, and they’re just 2 examples of f2p players that get good boards with the bad, and find a way to kick major rear WITHOUT spending. I know @TGW also is not a spender and I’d venture to say he has pretty solid results board wise at times as well.
So you’ve made another moot point.

Furthermore SG is an European based company. Also, what’s great about this game is that it’s an INTERNATIONAL game. I’ve loved meeting new people from all around the world in game, it’s very cool to learn about other countries and their cultures. I’d venture to say that the wonderful citizens of Russia, China, Korea, Germany, etc all play a very prominent role in this game. Do Americans, such as myself, enjoy this game? You betcha. Do Americans exert some kind of undue influence on this game through their spending habits? Are you frickin kidding me? Take your anti-American, xenophobic horse manure elsewhere.

Homaclese and I’s alliance war hits tracked for the last THIRTY WARS.
That’s him at #4.
He is cheap to play.
We face top 100 alliances EVERY war.
95% of the set war defenses we face would be considered “very good” to “elite”.
After a recent dip in war scores, myself, I’ve slid down to 211 average.

Either way you slice it, at this point the “rigged” boards should’ve kicked in and dragged Homaclese’s total way down. There’s not a single reason, IF THE BOARDS WERE RIGGED, he should be able to maintain that average.

Furthermore, this is just ONE example. The top 200 alliances are littered with players that dont spend too much, work average to below average boards into wins, use “bad” 5* in their correct niches, maximize their troops, and leverage defensive matchups in war.
You’re opinion is just that, an opinion.
Meanwhile, other players on this thread have crunched the data and shown the results, we’ve only gotten anecdotal evidence from you.
An anecdote is a story, or a tale if you will, and boy do you got an awfully tall one there.


All your charts don’t explain anything! you can talk about the work of a “random number generator”, about “1 in a million samples” , etc., but the fact remains: if i attack opponents or we are given alliances, all players who spent several tens of thousands of dollars to buy top tellurium heroes+Vela+Gravedigger or Jean-Francois, plus two more top heroes on the edges, then the game almost does not give stones of the desired color regardless of the attack team, at least one color, at least 3+2, at least 4+1 or 2+2+1! And if we have 3 out of 6 or 4 out of 6 wins, then the opponents have 5 out of 6 and 6 out of 6. This is the best proof that the boards in the game are not random!
But if you show me at least 1 opponent alliance that has:1) all heroes in the center - Tellurium+Vela+Gravedigger; 2) all units are pumped up to level 28-30; 3) you won this alliance in the war, then I will believe you that the boards are random! Show me screenshots of at least one such victory!

“manipulating bad boards” is like manipulating “bad roulettes” in a casino, which give you black instead of red, and red instead of black! What stones the game will give, such and you will play, and it is impossible to manipulate here!

'Tis true. I haven’t spent on this game in over a year, and my boards are just as mixed as probably anybody else’s.

I might whine when I get bad boards, especially in a war where every board counts (and I hate disappointing my team!)… but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t also sometimes get some incredibly good boards.

Probably majority of my boards are more on the meh/bleh side. Not terrible but not exciting either. That’s when I have to try to “work my magic” with special skills and such.

Also, some of the most amazing E&P players I know are F2P, and most of them are not even American.

I will grant the fact that American companies tend to be particularly profit-hungry (they have to be, shareholders demand returns on their investments)… but I believe the main source of profit for this game is the heroes themselves. With summons selling on average for $3 USD apiece, and a less than 3% chance to summon a legendary hero… as long as people are willing to spend those amounts to get the best heroes, they don’t even need to manipulate anything else in order to earn a profit.

Boards are boards, some will be good and some will be bad. The heroes themselves, however, are a more constant value. A team with stronger heroes is always going to win more battles overall regardless of stone distribution. Especially on defense, as defensive teams don’t need tiles to charge mana.

This has been proved demonstrably false by non-paying players getting good boards, and paying players getting skunked. Repeating something false does not make it true. :roll_eyes:

Mind you, I’m talking about the randomness of individual boards, not whether a payer with tons of great heroes is on better footing than someone without, in war or raid, etc. (well duh!)

Still…I have nearly all Season 1 heroes and can still win raids…why? Because I get good boards via RNG time and again. I do not qualify for the term “whale”…I haven’t spent enough. :grin:


So you are basically saying the outcome will not change regardless of what actions a player takes. I personally would quite if I was you and I truly believed that, because that does not sound enjoyable or challenging to me at all.

I created a new topic for the same issue and for obvious reasons it was closed (not sure why not merged) so let me repost:
I want to give a testimony for all that still claim the boards are RANDOM.
Btw - they are random in a sense that they (SG) don’t target specific people, but boards are ‘not random’ - meaning you will NOT get ANY tiles in ANY game.

This has happened to me and everyone else I know in the game so many times and I’m going to use one extreme example to prove my point.
It was of one fight I had last war - I went dark mono (don’t have good enough teams to use 3:2 so I try to stack power) - to make the story short I lost because I run out of time. I survived with 3 heroes and opponent had 1 left and throughout the whole game I was not getting dark tiles - sometimes 4-5 moves in a row I had like 1-2 purple tile on the board, so all the combos and diamonds went to feeding his specials (I didn’t record it, but I created screenshots).
And one important fact - opponent even begun with only 4 heroes only (it was a cleanup) and was considerably weaker . usually it would be like win in max. 5 moves with ‘random’ boards.

*my avg for wars is 4 wins and 2 totally crappy boards which basically I cannot win whatever I do. Yes, if you have 6 OP teams you will probably survive long enough to get a better board (I’ve seen a guy fighting and winning over the best teams with a rainbow team), but if you have one good team and the rest are like 3500 (so most epics at 3/70) there are fights you can’t win. And I get it - you shouldn’t be able to win a fight against much stronger team (that’s why I’m using mono), but that’s the point of power stacking isn’t it, so if they don’t want players to win playing with that strategy why creating this option in the first place?

oh and btw I have had fights with 3-1-1 getting only those 2 colors I didn’t have on the team, so it doesn’t apply to mono only at all (also tried 3-2 many times and was getting the same scenario - not getting those 2 colors I played with - I even switched the colors in a 4 consecutive times and I wasn’t getting the colors I played with in any of those 4 games)

and everyone knows it from PVP - if the boards are good you can win against anyone (which doesn’t make sense either, people are spending thousands of $ for OP heroes and with good boards you can take them down in a couple of moves. last night I won against 4816 team with only one OP hero that I was lucky enough to pull (Finley). Also the best I got in PVP was #14 on global and I have totally avg. team so it’s totally unfair for P2P players) - on the other hand *and this usually happens when I fight weaker teams - I can also lose against anyone…

so NO , the boards are NOT random and there are thousands of testimonies and proofs. random would mean you have an equal chance in every game to get any tiles which obviously is not the case…
what is random is that you never know which game you’re going to lose because of the boards and when that happens there’s nothing you can do

I had a response from @Ultra

Random is defined as a proceeding, made, or occurring without definite aim, reason, or pattern. Its synonyms include “unsystematic”, “arbitrary”, “unmethodical”, “haphazard”, “unarranged”, “unplanned”, “undirected”, “casual”, “indiscriminate”, “non-specific”, “stray”, “erratic”. On the other hand, its antonyms are “definite”, “essential”, “systematized”, “constant”, “arranged”, “systematic”, “regular”, “particular”, “orchestrated”, “orderly”, “ordered”, “fixed”, “methodical”, “willful”, among others.

If it is not random, it means it is predictable. While I may incline that it is not truly random, however, the same cannot be predicted. If it is not random, can you predict how the opening boards will appear everytime you raid, hit in wars, farm in maps and perform in quest, accurately determine the number of tiles per each element, as well how they are positioned. If you can do that, show it to us. Only then will I believe that the board is not random if you can predict the tiles, its number for every color, and its respective positioning in the opening boards. If you even can do that in 3 consecutive times, please teach me how. :grin: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

For further discussions and readings, please visit Stones’ colour distribution is NOT random . There are also a bunch of other threads related to the issue of randomness.

@Guvnor @littleKAF @JonahTheBard @zephyr1

Merge perhaps?

and @Ultra - this is my reply:

-maybe the text of the rant I wrote was too large to read my arguments so I will respond and also summarize what I said

  • ‘not random’ means ‘predictable’ - no, I cannot predict anything, but I didn’t write the code. So it’s a bit unfair asking me (as a proof of your point) if I can predict when the boards will suck. No. I can’t. But that don’t make the boards NOT random.
  • I understand the principle of probability and you can calculate yourself what’s the chance of not getting the color you use (let’s consider mono this time) in 4 consecutive games if every time you change mono color you play with
  • let’s consider, what’s the chance of receiving up to only 5 tiles altogether of 3 colors you play with (I tested 2-2-1 too) throughout 20-25 moves (moves including combos)
  • what about the example I used to prove my point? 4 vs 5 heroes , considerably weaker team and I lost on time because for the whole game I was not receiving dark (played dark mono on war) sometimes I had 1-2 dark tiles 4-5 moves in a row on a board - calculate the probability of randomness in that example
  • my last example was a fight with 5 fast heroes (again mono - I explained why I use mono) 17 moves (including combos) and I didn’t charge any of them - opponents tank was triggered 5 times before I lost - calculate your randomness in that

again, this is not a conspiracy by SG against anyone specifically, but you CANNOT win ANY game because sometimes the boards will make you lose and that’s how the game is programmed . SG would have to release the code to prove otherwise, because the way it works doesn’t work with their statement of randomness…

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