Stones' colour distribution is NOT random in raids

I don’t think so. It’s more likely to get a random bad board for mono than a good board because of the 80/20 problem. So no need to put a second mechanism in - doesn’t make sense at all for me.

Nope, you are full of it. The randomness of the distribution of colors has a weak random function. To a degree that I feel you are manipulating the random with some weight function. I have gathered much data on the distribution of the gem colors and think you have a serious issue. I invite you to conduct statitistical analysis of your random boards and see that they are weak.

I believe that all your random functions are weighted by you or maybe you have a three-year old kid picking your random generators. I run 2 TC20s and in the past three cycles I have pulled 2 pairs. How is it that in a game full of characters, I get to pull 2 pairs of the same toons when you say it is random.

The absolute worse was when I fought a PVP battle where the tank was a warrior and he rolled 3 times on his rez with only 1 pt to his rez ability. Tha is 6% chance to rez, for this event to happen it is 0.021% chance. I guess I need to play the lotery.

I really like the game but you definately need to take a look at the randomness.

Other evidence of possible weighted randomness is that after 30 to 40 chest events, I have not received a single component for 4* or 5* ascention. Not one! and you expect us to gather 4 to 6 of a type?

Again, the game is cool, but these issues need to be reviewed. You can very easily monitor the randomness of the game by testing the results and coparing them to the possibility. To be honest if I leave the game it will be because it feels unfair and has the feeling that all you want is to frustrate gamers so they purchase items. but then again, that is the problem with gaming in today’s world!


It’s just frustrating to see to what lengths the game goes to cheat you out of a win. Boards full of wrong colors that you want to clear with a diamond lead to the board filling up with… the same color again. Except if your enemy has a riposte hero, then you’ll get your strong colors in a combo for so long until your heroes are dead. Of course except you need something for your healer. He’ll be sniped before you can use him.
And all you white knight can stop trying to deny it…

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All these moans about how unfair the game is or how it’s rigged and not random, why do you folks still play? The answers to random boards has previously been answered in an AMA. Please stop moaning about it and give everyone a break

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#fu20charectors sentence banana Pilsbury guacamole.

It is totally unfair that randomness cheats us from winning every match or get top high scores on titans because I use stacked colours to strengthen my hits and yet I still lose, I think SG is cheating us from and stopping us from having fun because I keep losing. Blar Blar Blar!

Technically you are 100% correct that randomness is not totally random because it is a computer program that needs to be designed in such a way that it works so that the mix between your heroes specials and the tiles you get work in such a way that they don’t kill the game as a whole but at the same making it entertaining and challenging because if you won every battle all the time you would get bored very quickly.

  1. If I take a mono team I don’t get my wanted colours.
    a] that is true and as a mono player I do see a lot BUT at the same time I also see the boards are in my favour 75% of the time or 1 in 3 battles.

  2. I go into titans using mono teams and I never get my colours come up.
    a] 100% true and again I see this everyday BUT I also see times when get such great boards and get amazing scores and again 1 in 3 times.

  3. The titan keeps targeting the heroes with mana up or my healers first.
    a] Again all very true BUT I also see that I have battles items to counteract those affects to stay alive longer.

The problem with any RNG based game whether it be online or in real life is that it is frustrating, tempting, eluding, tricky, deceiving, entertaining, enjoyable and challenging.

A) You could go play solitare (card game) which brings random cards and you either win or lose, your either good or bad at it, BUT what ever happens your going to think your really good at it when you win or just keep losing and give up, BUT in reality everytime you won it was the RNG that gave you the opportunity to win based on where you placed your cards. But yet we don’t see players complaining because they lost, they simply just stop playing.

B) You could go play a game like Bejewels which is a match 3 game or Tetris and again you will win and lose. Players get bored quickly with these RNG types of games because they are designed (PROGRAMMED) to provide you with a matching piece so that you can keep playing, OR if your not that good at making those connections you will give up and stop playing, BUT won’t go into the forum and complain because you lost, will you.

These are just 2 simple examples of everyday common popular RNG games that require you to either learn the skill required to win which means you most likely always end up getting bored from always winning and leave OR you will leave because you can’t grasp the skill required to keep playing. Either way they require some skill which comes with playing.

Now we have these new RNG based games online which keep poping up in there hundreds and they all combine wars and match 3 games in one

  1. which are both extremely entertaining and frustrating at the same time
  2. which require a completely different skill set
  3. which tests your playing skills for time management, teamwork, organising skills and memory. All of these things that come easy to some people in real everyday life and yet much more difficult to others.

These Programmers design a game to be fun, entertaining, challenging and like in most games today also provides you with an option to spend a little to help you on your way.

These games require you to combine the skill of choosing heroes with different skills and put them together to create a team which you feel might beat your opponent which is an aspect of the game in which you have full control over. It’s always exciting choosing those teams and everyone believes theirs is the winning team but then comes the boards (tiles) and that can crush our original winning thoughts.

Now you will either win or lose the battle!
A) If you win you will consider yourself a good player with skill and move on not even thinking twice about it. You will have played your board according to what it gave you without thinking twice.
B) But if are losing you will start to slow down your play and start looking for tiles and this is where the problem begins because your starting to get annoyed that your losing and tension starts to increase and your eyes start to lose focus and all of a sudden your starting to see patterns BUT it’s NOT actually patterns your starting to see, it is actually THE LACK OF patterns. Meaning your so focused on looking for a particular colour your not seeing the rest of the board for the patterns of the other different colours it does have.

The randomness of the tiles we get here are no different to the randomness of the other game examples I gave above (solitare and bejewels) when you lost those games only here it’s more intense because there is so much more involved in playing a match.

BUT really all it was, was that you didn’t have the skill set required to beat that opponent even though you had the option of 4 battles items in your favour, even though you got to choose your team which could of been made up of any hero in your roster, even though you had the time to play each shot and choose when you get to use your heroes special skills ALL OF WHICH your opponent had none of at all because your opponent didn’t get to use battle items, they don’t get to choose which set of tiles to use and they don’t get to choose when they can use their special skills.

YET YOU LOST A MATCH! and that upset you but instead of quiting/leaving and finding another game because your skills don’t meet the requirements to win more matches you come here a start accusing the makers of cheating you or making it unfair but yet you didn’t feel the need to do that when you played those others games did you.

My teenages play this game but yet they have also left it half a dozen times because they can’t time manage and organise because for them it’s all to slow and they don’t win as often as they would like to but yet they will go straight back into one of those battle war games and get shot down 100 times and love it and play all day and they aren’t allowed to spend a single cent there.

But yet here I am an organized parent working in management in real life, leading an Alliance and loving this game where as I can’t stand those war games.

My point here in all this blabbering is this game is no different to any other online game where you will play it because you like it win or lose OR if you can’t grasp the skills required to play it you have the option to quit and leave but in both instances you need to accept the game as it is and stop looking for someone to blame for your inability to grasp or accept it’s concept.

No one forces a player to stay or spend money, no one forces a player to get annoyed and frustrated when they lose and most of all no one forces a player to keep playing this game.

So why is it that it is ok for players to keep insulting and accusing the developers of cheating and unfairness when all they are doing is creating an entertainment feature which is totally your choice in playing.

I assure you and I stake my life on this comment! I have never had or seen any member of the game makers

  1. twist my arm
  2. knock on my door
  3. report me to the police
  4. send bullies at my place
  5. lock my phone

If I didn’t play this game or spend money, I swear it.



Several months ago, I posted a comment -defending- random boards and chance. But something was smuggled into the algorithm sometime around Halloween, and it’s -very- evident. This is the kind of thing that players should be made aware of. If you’re going to nurf something, the player base should be told. The ONLY reason to do something like this is to milk more money from a pretty loyal player base. I mentioned it to my alliance just a couple of days ago after waiting a week to make sure it wasn’t just bad luck. Then suddenly we struggle to score 6k in a couple of Wars when previously we’re getting closer to 7k? Raid boards have been absolutely awful. Like ‘lottery-odds’ awful. I know I’m not the only one seeing this. I’ve been hearing the same sentiment from several well-established players over the past week or so. I’ve been playing daily for approaching three years, now. Something is wrong and SG needs to fix it or come clean about it. Especially and most apparent to those who run mono-teams. I don’t know many people ‘less’ prone to conspiracy theory than myself, so I wouldn’t be saying this without seeing drastic changes and hearing the same sentiment from others like me.

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Theory on probability is cool and all, but in practice that’s not how random works.

A small chance of something to happen is an improbability. Not an impossibility. Statistical outliers will happen – both good and bad.

That more than confirms to me that something random happens, even if the outcome is determined or influenced by a global seed.

As a mono player I agree it’s ture it totally sucks when using mono teams and you don’t see your tiles on the board, honestly it frustrates me when go in on a titan and I don’t get a single tile or only 1 tile set for 3 hits straight. It happens more often than I would like.
And yes I also see it in wars, 1 minute I can wipe a 4200 plus team our with ease and the next I can’t get mana to do jack crap on a 3700 team. It totally sucks, it’s totally frustrating and it annoys me everytime.

But hey I can actually accept all of that as it’s part of the random tiles on a board which uses a randomness to be played out.

But do you really want me to tell you what truely upsets me the most and isn’t a part of the random aspect of a battle, it’s the points and kills.

  1. When you fire a tile it does only so much damage (lets say 120 points) BUT yet when the opponents fire what is supposed to be a tile shot in between firing their specials and it single shots dead one of my heroes which still has full Health at around 800 plus hp.
  2. When I do raids using a mono team and 4 tiles will in one match only do half damage to that hero on the first board of the match and when you rematch that same team and you get those same 4 tiles on the first board and they wipe that hero out. Why didn’t that hero get wiped out in the first match using those same points from those 4 tiles.
  3. Why does the opponents mana go up faster than mine as I only mana from the coloured tiles I used but they get mana from every tile used.
  4. Why does the board constantly give combos to charge the opponents up totally missing every single one of my colours to charge mine up.
  5. how often I see a 10 plus combo of over 100 to 150 plus tiles in total completely work it’s way around my colours and only fire every other colour I don’t have.
  6. how an opponents hero that is weaker than mine even with it’s 20% increased advantage can single shot one of my far stronger heroes in 1 match and only do half that damage in the next.

You see it’s NOT the randomness of colours that I question BUT the way the game is programmed to have all these different things between heroes happen.

You go in choosing a team which you know are stronger heroes and yet they do totally different damage in every match. And yes I am using raids and rematching without any changes as my example.

You guys think colour distribution is a problem when in fact the board you/we only plays out a sequence of tiles based on the heroes you bring in.
Why can I say that you ask!

It’s because like any/all RNG based game wheather it be online or in real life the outcome (whether you win or lose that is) is already determined as soon as you press play and everything after that is nothing more than cosmetic which is designed to make you think your in control but in reality it will play out in a way the gives the already predetermined end result no matter what you do.

These games are designed for enterentertainment only, not to give you a return of any kind, not to make sure you win every game.

It is the way the games are designed and in such a complex program maybe not perfect but then again you can’t please everyone and yet in over a few million players there is only 0.001% that feels the need to come to a forum a complain with the other 99.999% playing happly and just accepting the game for what it is and being content and probably spending 1000 times more than everyone on this forum put together.

Based on those percentages! Let me ask you this;
Who do you think the devs will pay more attention to when it comes to the games outcome? The forums 0.001% or the other 99.999%.

Do yourself a favour guys; Just accept the game for what it is and have fun instead guys. Your only upset because you lose or you wouldn’t be here complaining otherwise, accept losing and you will be fine.


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Mono is a high output gamble, where bad boards really hurt.

Imo it works better on 3-2 over the long run for a couple of reasons.

  • doubled odds for matching good tiles
  • you plan that the tank fires at least once
  • you’re not only strong against one color of a rainbow def
  • bad boards doesn’t hurt that much
  • cascades and combos often contain at least one of your stacked colors
  • you don’t feel rigged and don’t have to come here to rant :wink:

3-2 raiding onto the leaderboard:


I know the odds of random boards on mono-teams. I’ve been running mono teams for years. I accept random.

This ■■■■ is not random. I stated as much in my post. I know on an opening board I can get one tile of my color. I can get twelve. I get it. My post from awhile ago (maybe 2017?), explains how much I accept randomness and RNG.

What I’m telling you now is, this is no longer the case. Something has changed deliberately and very recently. I know you can roll a d6 fifty times and roll fifty 6’s. It’s possible. But if you’re doing that every day for two weeks straight, you better check that die.


No. I should have taken more pics. I did not loose every match. I simply watched the board and won what I could. I saw the same pattern over and over. I’ll keep messing around in tournaments just to do it. No loss in them. Only gain.

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I’m still waiting for the data on all this non-randomness.

The distribution is always unfair and makes you on the losing side…

And apparently “always” happens only to some people… I won’t say the word associated with this kind of players, for not being flagged :smile:

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Sure, and don’t forget to mention that all they want is just your money.

12 moves in… multiple mini combos. What’s point of having a healer if it cant be used? Further more, I always have trouble powering up inari as well… this show end result of board with purples being limited…

Edit: yellow was limited too. Got blue and red mostly.

You went in with only 2 hitters.
This battle was lost before it even started for you.

I am not rainbow team user much any more and against this oppont going in 3 red and 2 blue would of been my choice especially against Kash and BT

As for tiles well sometimes you get good boards and other times not, that’s the nature of the game.

Your lineup is showing us, that you do not understand the way the game is working.

Spend some time to read the forum and I think it will be easy for you to find your mistakes…


Your team doesn’t matter. Your enemy’s team doesn’t matter. Did you spend money recently? Then you’ll get tiles. Otherwise the game decides you’ll lose before the round starts.

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