Stones' colour distribution is NOT random in raids

And this is exactly where the problem lies, the mind looks for and creates patterns that are not there, also known as an illusion.

Watch the video on this above on randomness as that will explain it clearly to you.

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Don’t let them fool you!! All gambling is corrupt. This game to players who spend is a form of gambling. Zynga don’t put loads of money into this game so we can have fun, on the contrary, they do it to make money no other reason. sooo lol colour distribution/rigged boards is more than lightly a real thing but as long as you don’t spend it shouldn’t matter really. ENJOY.

We’re doomed! It’s a conspiracy!

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Isn’t that the goal of any business?

But what’s that got do with colour distribution, I mean honestly!

Honestly, I would expect this topic to be in ridiculous complaints thread by now, lol.

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@Ozy1 yet it happens. Wish With my galaxy s8 i could upload pics I snapped. I had a green healer with a couple moves. 7 turns later I finally had ability to match a green, which was too late at that point. Matches are definitely random and yes we do look one read into patterns. All the posts were players have run tests all give a combined estimate on total tiles produced and say it’s even. However, raids can only be attempted 3 times. I just lost twice and won the 3rd because of tiles. Even if it’s not a decision made by devs, the scripting definitely avoids tile production and threat assessment.

Please wat h this video in the thread below as this will help you to understand it better.

Also don’t misunderstand or mistaken the actual RNG mechanics the makes things random and the programming within it which makes it do (act) the way it does such as summons, tiles, battles, rewards etc etc.

These are 2 very different things and where the questions and replys get mixed up, people say the RNG is fixed and unfair and replys say NO IT ISN’T which is 100% correct but the bottom line is the RNG is nothing more than numbers programmed to create spins using a complex mathematical combination of code.
But it’s the coding around it that actually decides what happens in a battle, percentages within it for tiles, rewards etc etc that decide what happens or what you get.

The real/correct question should be CAN THE DEVS CHANGE THE PROGRAMMING to allow better or more tile distribution of the wanted colour when stacked teams are used.

Now this is where this video will come in handy as to explaing why devs program the games the way they do.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean they have it right all the time thus why forums are IMPORTANT but it also doesn’t mean it is WRONG as it’s the way games are designed to be.

What one could then ask themselves is, IS THIS TYPE OF GAME RIGHT FOR ME? and can I accept tge grind, frustration and excitement that comes with it.

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I’m convinced starting boards are random.

I’m also convinced that the fill tiles are biased to NOT fill with the color tiles you just matched, in an effort to combat mono teams. You are forced to make matches and cascades in off colors to try to fill the color you want.

I’m also seeing trends towards random matches happening across the board to clip and power up a defender.

I’m also seeing trends of cascades with the color you need only happening when your heroes are already at full mana.

There’s no way I can ever collect enough data to rule out variance, but I know what my eye test tells me over the last month or so. I’m uniquely gifted in seeing patterns and repetition.

lol I noticed that too - when you want to make a big cascade - combo x3… when you make a careful match not to charge enemy - combo x15

This might be lost on you (and I mean no disrespect) but most humans are generally, by and large, uniquely gifted in finding patterns and repetition where none exist statistically. You are essentially saying that you are uniquely gifted at being ordinarily human. I by contrast have poor pattern recognition skills but excel in finding links between seemingly unrelated data and as a result have to simplify things (or used to before I quit work and moved to the beach) and spell it out when there is no pattern but seemingly unrelated data points.
You are dealing with a ‘programmed random’ number generator; it is designed to show you patterns without being overtly biased. If you got a truly ‘random’ board, I suspect you would be horrified.

It’s not lost on me. I know that’s how humans are. But I’m WAY above average in that respect and have excelled on the tests that prove it. I know that comes off as bragging but it’s just fact.

I completely agree with you. It’s NOT random, as they continue to tell us.
Maybe the program name is called “Totally Random” or something unscrupulous like that. Because when I do a mono team, the same colour stones barely appear.

Random, my @$$

Gameplay has been corrupted to a point where you know from a look at the starting board if you’re gonna win or lose.
The game will find ways to cheat you out of a round, no matter how well you structure your team. Either it will not give you tiles or it will control the AI in a way that counters all your efforts. Suddenly the AI knows how to target Healers or heroes whose Mana just had filled.
Doesn’t matter what you throw against them (2 maxed snipers with attack buff on one target), their healer will stop at 10 HP and have full mana to heal all the team. Your healer when full will be hit by an unbuffed Lianna for 1500 HP instead although she can’t muster up that strength…
SGG is actively cheating on their paying customers. Shame on you.

But why they should?
Wouldn’t it be a better strategy to feed spending people with success to make them spend more and more?

Maybe the issue is in front of the game, not inside …


Well I’m going to toss in some reality/negativity. I used the last two tournaments and the current one to collect data. I am going to join the bandwagon, RNG is not RNG and please do not give me the bad luck streak excuse. I do not even see it as bad luck. I see it as RNG my butt. I stacked with all colors and watched the board. What I stacked with did not start nor finish with those tiles. Board spread out stacked colors and turned them into a rarity. Once again I did this with all colors. Usually stacked with 3. Coincidentally enough, I had tones of the tile colors of the heroes not in the battle. Data does not lie. I am not upset. Just calling a spade a spade.

Can you provide the data?

The folks who have proved RNG showed hundreds of matches with detailed data sets.

You’ve drawn some conclusions, but not provided any data.


If you count…you have 5 colors. You go mono. So 80% should be NOT your color - on average.

One question Ive wondered …

Random is random — but is it randomly pulling from a pool with a smaller subset on initial load?

You can’t have every combination available on board one — or else you’d have things going off without having to touch it

So is it random, but pulling from a smaller pool… a much smaller pool… etc when it loads the first board?

LSS: 1 of 10 and 1 of 1 billion are both random - so more clarity on the first board would be nice

Yes it is, it never starts with a move/cascade. But it can start with no moves, reshuffling and moves/cascades.

So the question is if x scenarios are removed on board one so it doesn’t start with matches

Are y scenarios to counteract mono (for example) removed too?

Again - it’s still random …and gets into making a more playable game vs. a totally random lever pull

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