Stones' colour distribution is NOT random in raids


That’s very interesting. I don’t think it “proves” anything, but your experience certainly didn’t provide any evidence that the game produces bad boards to sabotage stacked raid teams. (Unless it was your skilful play that overcame those consistently bad boards.)

I’m frankly impressed that you won 80% of your raids with a monochrome team. It’s a very good monochrome team, but I still would have guessed that a combination of randomly bad boards and mediocre boards with decent blue tanks might have tripped you up a bit more often. It’s hard to figure out what impact player skill has, but I’d be tempted to speculate that maybe you earned yourself a win or two that a lesser player may not have.

Regardless of all this, I think you’re right: we continue to have no reason to disbelieve the devs when they say boards are random.


Blue tanks are pretty rare which is why I ran Alasie for a while (2/32 in my randomish sample)… Maybe Aegir will change that in the next few months.

And yes I air quoted “Proves” as this was only a test that could indicate if things were leaning towards random or not… seems pretty good.

Grammar Edit!


Fairness, as I think you think of it, is not a concept applicable to randomness. This is also what makes randomness fair.

Exactly how would you define a fair board? Edit: And in what way do you mean the boards are rigged?

Stop rigging the raid 'RNG'

It would be fair if it were random. But there are far too many consistent patterns that defy randomness during raids.


That’s a very vague statement. If these patterns were as consistent as you argue, I think we’d seen proof of them by now, but then again - I don’t really know what you’re referring to.

What are these consistent patterns, and under what circumstances are they visible? How did you reach the conclusion that they are consistent?


According to data produced by 1000s of raids, or your personal observations?


Bad boards are more memorable than good boards.

I sometimes feel that they come in batches, but I also recognize that I am tilted and making bad decisions and it’s probably time to take a break :slight_smile:


Does “random” mean “random with in certain constraints”. A slot machine is"random" but pays back exactly 95% of its take in “randomness” . So I purpose: is random 100% random? Or is random “random within a set of rules” ???
Tricky wording eh? ( Triple stack a color in a Titan or war or map level, take down the results, and please explain"random")


If you read up-thread, you’ll see that a player tested whether the boards with stacked heroes are different from those with a rainbow team. They weren’t, comparing 100 boards from each.


I’m also referring to good boards, where the tiles fall perfectly and you get strong hit after hit and you blow your opposition out of the water in only a couple of moves. I’ve had about 2000 raids and the most common pattern that occurs is that it seldom ever comes down to skill. You are either going to win or lose, regardless of what you do. This hypothesis is pretty impossible to prove anyway so it’s easily dismissed. But it’s important not to just look for bad boards. The boards seem incredibly good or helplessly bad.

Rounders is an all time classic movie as well.


Guys, anyone knows why when the combo starts (and we have no idea whether it’s going to be 5x or 20x) the damage has already been calculated? How random is that? :slight_smile:


This “prophesy” has never seemed odd to me. The server delivers all the random numbers as a block, the client processes. We slow humans see these answers, computed in milliseconds, over a few seconds time.