Hi guys, noticed an issue with Stonecleave when he’s in special mode he has been killed with opponents special ? Has anyone else noticed this?

Was it a Yellow hero that killed him? His Special says that the strong color still hits


No, it was Magni. Which was what surprised me

That would be strange! Stonecleave could only be hit in dire ghost by holy heroes? If Magni did, could you replicate and get a screen shot?

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Very strange, as someone who likes SC (but agrees he could be improved hehe) I’ve had him “ghost” plenty of enemy specials… can’t recall if Magni was one… and he doesn’t do anything special like bypass (which shouldn’t work anyway) so hmm…

It’s pretty easy to not notice him coming out of ghost form if you’re not concentrating I guess. I use him farming 8-7 and I’ve missed it most times lol mostly because it is semi-concious farming!

I’ll keep an eye out if I’m facing a Magni.

No screenshot, sadly but he only ( Stonecleave) fired once , that’s how it was noticed. Was loosing the raid. Whether it’s a minor issue I can’t reinforce my declaration with evidence but I’m certain that he shouldn’t have been killed.

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