Stonecleave vs Alice

Had Recently Raided As To Where I Observed During A Battle Stonecleave’s Cloak Was Penetrated By Alice Special That Finished Him, Is That Suppose To Happen? I Thought Only Yellow Elements Specials Could Penetrate While Stonecleave Was Cloaked.

Oof. Any pictures? Other heroes in this particular fight?

Normally Alice shouldnt be able to do so. Cannot be a pierce ability. Sure it was alice and not alasie? And does pierce go over shadowing?

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It Definitely Was Alice Not Alasie At The Left Wing Position That Ended Stonecleave During Cloak, I Even Ask My Teammates Was It Possible
Before Contacting The Devs, I Lost A Raid That I Should Have Won Because, Of It, Stonecleave Had Just Cloak And One Hit Finished From Alice
While Alice Was Just A Red Tick Away From Being Eliminated

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