Stonecleave and Onatel - question

One dilemma about Stonecleave and Onatel’s special skills…

So, Onatel has “Eye of the Prophet” skill and when she put a spell on someone she steals his mana, and it says that that effect can’t be dispelled.

On the other hand, Stonecleave has skill “Dire Ghost” and he can remove all dispellable and undispellable status efects from caster…

My questions is what happened when Onatel use her special skill on Stonecleave and start stealing his mana - can he dispell that effect or he can’t?

If he can than effect of her skill isn’t undispellable anymore, if he can’t than he doesn’t remove ALL effects how it is written.

Or I am maybe wrong?

Although I have not seen this specific interaction, I am very confident that Stonecleave will no longer be subject to Onatel’s effect. The key to understanding this is that they REMOVE the dispellable and undispellable effects. It would work the same with Ameonna, incidentally.

Onatel’s skill is still undispellable.


It is like Ameonna ghost… and can remove undispellable as intended.


OK, but if Stonecleave remove Onatel’s effect than her description “This effect can’t be dispelled” obviously isn’t true, or better to say that statement is false - right…

Basically, there’s a couple of cards that can harness the same power a couple of folks in my extended family tap into — no matter the words… no matter the logic … no matter how much you pin them down; when things get going they can wiggle out of anything and ghost in ways it’s hard to understand :slight_smile:

Their not dispell able but removable logic is a mind funk wrapped in a migraine …

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Yes, and Stonecleave does not dispell, he remove undispellable status.

Another new interesting status is Microweave stack status, that status can not be dispelled and also can not be removed.

So, future heroes can be a new special skill like this: remove stack enemies statuses who knows :man_shrugging:

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It doesn’t really matter, Stonecleave doesn’t gain mana in ghost form anyway. Both are 4 turn duration. There’s nothing for Onatel to steal.


I just assume ‘Jazz Hands’ we’re involved.

Undispellable Buffs < Jazz Hands.

They shift into another dimension (the ghost realm) where buffs and debuffs have no meaning. Very metaphysical.

The stacks are more like bodybuilding, if you like. They’re not buffs, they’re a change in the actual substance of the hero. Therefore you can’t dispel them, because they’re not a spell.

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It’s steals his mana… If you fire his special he might keep the ailment… But in ghost mode he don’t gain any mana so no mana to steal from him…

There are already some (ameona) that remove buffs and stacks

Hey OP, based on your subsequent response it seems like you didn’t understand my initial response. I feel like I laid it all out, including trying to emphasize the word REMOVE. The reason Stonecleave can get rid of (in your mind, dispel, though this is NOT correct) Onatel’s ailment is because he has an ability that surpasses dispellability (and non-dispellability). There are several heroes in the game with this mechanic right now (the REMOVE mechanic), so you should try to familiarize yourself with it.

It helps me to think of this as a hierarchy:

  • There is a status effect or ailment. It will wear off based at the end of the turn duration listed on the card.
  • UNLESS it is cleansed or dispelled, in which case the effect/ ailment is removed at the time that the cleanse / dispel is cast.
  • UNLESS it is non-dispellable, in which case the effect / ailment persists, following the normal rule to wear off based on its turn duration.
  • UNLESS a special skill is cast that can REMOVE. In which case the effect / ailment is removed at the time the remove is cast.
  • UNLESS (I should really say UNTIL here) SGG introduces non-removable skills. Those would then presumably revert to the rule where they persist until the normal turn duration wears off. And of course this process could continue - I jokingly speculated in one thread that the next level should be to annihilate skills, which would obliterate even non-removable effects and ailments.

The whole mechanics of REMOVE work the same way as the dispel you are already familiar with, just one level deeper (or higher, if it’s easier to think of and picture that way).


Dispel: eliminate, get rid of, make disappear…

Remove : take away, get rid of, abolish, eliminate…

World play around mechanism…

Nope, she can not remove Microwave stack status. Microwave still has the stack status.
But if you mean her self, Ameonna is invicible from incoming damage/buff/debuff/(stack?), I do not know if there are debuff stack status. I already know only Microwave stack status which is a buff.

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Note SG’s careful choice of words: dispel vs. remove.

A status effect that is undispellable CAN still be removed by certain skills.

In a nutshell, remove overrides everything, including undispellable effects.

This is what I meant… It’s already there…

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Correct, Ghost form is ready to counter if there are any stack debuff.
What I mean is, currently there are no debuff stack status available. Or it is already there? CMIW.

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Not that I know off… But I belive some of the incoming must have

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And not sure but I remember reading some other hero’s special saiyng that remove stacts… (maybe gazelle or Smtg can’t really recall) even before stacks were introduced I remember someone asking abt it here on the forum…

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I love auto correct!

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