Stoneclave ghost minions UNTOUCHABLES

another big mistake with stoneclave.
this case the example with kvasir and his minions

the minions when activating stoneclave go to the ghost form and are impossible to eliminate

I just found the fault.

don’t buy if it works with other minions.
If the minions after being in the fanstasma form by giving them to stoneclave they are also untouchable.

but the little videos left below explain everything.

What if I check is that only a yellow hit is capable of eliminating the minions

also the hero can receive new minions being in the ghost form and they do not die


apparently #SmallGiant does not care about this bug that benefits players who use Stoneclave with other heroes who summon minions. #NotFare!


estos problemas deberian ser mas priorizados por la gente de empires and puzzles

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It look like Stoneclave’s ghost doesn’t remove minion and while he is in ghost form, he can receive minion.

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if he receives them and transforms them into ghosts too

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the problems that the game presents are more and more frequent

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