Stolen Trophies

I came across one of my friends from another alliance and i obviously attacked him… i won 16 trophies but he told me he lost 48 trophies… how do explain that??? Where are the rest of trophies ??? Where is the rest of 32 trophies went???

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He may have been attacked by more enemies than just by you. Probably you got 16 but another 1 or 2 others grabbed the other 32. Have him check his watchtower, he can see the last “transactions “ there

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Just posted this 5 min ago under a similar topic:

Has no one figured this out yet? The Easter Bunny comes once a year (and is quite popular around here) but trophies are delivered every day. Where do you think they come from? Everybody started out with zero. The amount won is always greater than the amount lost. The game generates trophies, not the Easter Bunny. If the same two players kept battling each other they would both end up with more trophies. Food and Iron I do not know.

The end.