Stingy reward CF2

All that time…
All that effort…
All those battle items used to compete all x3 levels of the Challenge Festival 2!

& all I got for reward was ONE! measly summon token

Wow! I’m Gobsmacked!
Why even bother!!!

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To get better rewards you need better scores, don’t expect much after just finishing the event.


… don’t expect much at all… this ain’t the kind of game that rewards efforts or loiality… only spending.


I can relate. It would be nice if it was top 5%, 10% etc instead of those few top spots. But it’s just how it is. It’s best to think about completing, and not competing in this game. It’s the competitive side of the game that lures many into spending, so that’s why it is like this.

I settle for the reward from completing and let the spenders and veterans compete up there.

But I understand its not for everyone - we all want to be the best and get the most out of our time. :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope you’ll find a way to have fun, good luck ahead :four_leaf_clover:


Agreed that the completion reward is the real point for most of us — some decent stacks of emblems, plus a couple of moments of brief, swiftly-punctured false hope at the summoning portal.

The ranking rewards are frankly, generally pretty poor compared even to the completion reward (certainly for the bottom 95% of us, and probably almost just period.)

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Consider all the rewards you picked up at the end of each stage as part of your completion reward…Just seems to feel better that way

Game well :sunglasses:

Hey I got my first slayer hero. She might only be a 3* but she is new! :heart_eyes:


Sorry I can not agree to this:
You get 15 event summoning coins, and the best, 450 emblems for completing all 3 tiers. I got 15 more coins from hidden chests, so I had three chances for new heroes for free. I pressed only hard for the rare tier:

For epic and legendary I settled with top 50K/ top 100k.
That gave me six WE flasks, 1 EHT and 3 ETTs. From the six WE flasks for completion, I used 5 in the event.
I used up a lot of my battle items, but I only need them in tower and challenge events, and mana potions in MT.
With the 7 gained WE flasks I will farm in next Atlantis, and can easily replenish me battle items for the next event. Saving all the ETTs for next magic tower ( now at 25 ) and the EHTs ( now at 7 ) for the christmas event.
So these events give you the chance to get valuable resources, which can not be manufactured, for free.
For battle items you only need farmable items and food or iron from your farms and mines.

Happy gaming

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My take on this thread is that the core complaint doesn’t center on the quality of the rewards for the top spots. Rather, the complaint centers on the issue of the teeny number of players who are eligible for the top rewards.

Congrats to you for earning those top rewards and I agree that they are nice. Still, to me, your comment seems off the mark from the sentiment the OP was trying to convey.

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I got the same reward… a single regular summon token. Did the best I have ever done. 12/8/6. Oh well. Lots of room for improvement.

If you complete all 3 tiers you get at least 15 summoning coins, 450 emblems and 6 WE flasks.
This is nothing to sneer at, and hundref thousands of players are capable of doing this. You only need 3-5 maxed 5* heroes to do so, there are some cracks who do it with 4* only.
And top10k in rare is not a first class placement. My point is you get good loot if you complete and a bit better if you do reasonable well. Therefore you have to grind: farm for materials, build battle items and invest some time in the event.
If you will not do it, no problem, but no real reason to comply.

Happy gaming

You’re still missing the point. Posters are acknowledging the completion rewards, that isn’t the focus of the thread. The point is the teeny tiny itsy bitsy chance to receive something better than that.

If we assume the widely posted number of 1M players, than top 10K is 1% of the player base. I know you are going to argue with this. You are going to want to reply something along the lines that top 10K is no big deal - everyone can do that… But in fact 99% of the player base will not.

I didn’t use many items… Just heroes and tiles… And all things considered… I’m setup for a decent Atlantis…

It did take a while before my roster could compete… But i was patient…

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These events are very specific with the rewards for finishing and the position you finish in. This isn’t crappy titan loot which is random or tournament slot machine loot. Very clear what you are getting, so you decide if it’s worth it for yourself.


Those are the brackets i end up in…:+1:
I complete the event first then go back to improve my score just like you hardly use any items it is possible.

To @Kwozzie
I Just use we i have … Ok i have been playing over 3 years and my roster is alright.
Also there is the master thread to ask folk to improve yah scores and teams to use to get better scores .

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get out of my head… That is EXACTLY what i do.

No I think you misses something: op claimed to have competed in all tiers snd only won one summoning token.
The ( grey) summoning token is the consolation prize for every tier, regardless of your result, you only have to try one stage per tier.
If he meant an ETT he got to top 100k in rare. To get more you have to get to top 250k in epic or top100k in legendary, that costs not much effort with a decent roster. For newbies or players with a very limited roster its more difficult, and sometimes its better to go just for the completion rewards!

The name of the event is „challenge event“ so there has to be some challenge!
Thats the team I used mostly in epic:

Not a whale level team, only Wilbur is hard to acquire. Junaid is available from S5 every month and can be substituted with BT (TC20), Keli from TC20 and Lancelot and Falcon from HA8. And yes you need a year or two to build such a team without heavy spending. Thats the Business model of this game: spend big or advance slowly.

Happy gaming

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Perhaps I could have done better, but should I spend the battle items to carefully regrind by hand every single stage I can possibly improve, sinking N more hours into paying attention to this event, so I can replenish those battle items by spending my WE flasks in Atlantis or whatever….

…or should I skip the spend-and-replace-battle-items part, farm Rare level 2 a bazillion times on Auto, and summon an extra Edd?

(Some might point out “but those WE flasks are great for farming Atlantis generally” but… I don’t buy loot tickets, and I have WE flasks and loot tickets I don’t use. Why? Because Atlantis is a great place to farm backpacks? I have backpacks I don’t use. Why? Because I’m not in a giant hurry to try to level up all the 5* heroes I DO NOT HAVE. :man_shrugging:)

I’ll take the emblems I can get. I feel like I have pretty nearly zero incentive to raise my ranking above /age of the Universe in nanoseconds/ though.