Still waiting for answer about Magni

I’m still waiting to hear a reasonable answer as to why the developers felt it was necessary to change Magni’s defense from all allies to nearby allies. My guess is, they don’t have a reasonable answer. Anyone who has him knows, if you just look in his direction he dies. He’s one of the easiest heroes to kill. His defense was one big reason to use him, certainly not his toughness.

Just to let the developers know, the day you decided to weaken my heroes was the day I stopped buying anything. Wallet feel lighter?? You did it to yourselves.

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See, they don’t have an answer. They never answer to why they weaken your heroes. They just do it, and expect you to keep giving them money. There was no reason whatsoever to weaken Magni.

I have Boldtusk! Boldtusk nerfed.
I have Athena! Athena nerfed.

Smile boy, life is good.


Have you asked support? They don’t read every message here on the forums.

Magni was seriously over powered giving defense buff to entire team with fast speed. If you compare to other 5* single targeters, that give a dot or accuracy debuff to just one hero.

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They weakened the skill of Magni, then turned right around and gave the skill he had to Kadilen. A 5* fast hero that deals damage to all enemies and gives 74% defense to ALL allies.

What they did was shady underhanded BS. They weakened heroes people already invested in to make their new ones stronger opponents.

Kadilen’s buff only lasts two turns and only gives defense to special skills, not regular hits. She’s honestly disappointing. It really isn’t the same, though I wish they wouldn’t have weakened Magni either.