Still not 100% same glitch seems to be about to repeat itself

Hello everyone unfortunately connection is still not 100% I believe they patched it but didn’t completely fix it I was raiding and got booted out was able to connect again but it’s done this a few times since the cut off from a few days ago normally I was lucky enough to get booted out before or after a battle but I can’t believe it’s still not completely fixed that’s what you get when Zynga Takes over lol joking but honestly I would like some information when how it will be fixed ?
And compensation for the lost trophies I was in diamond arena before getting booted :slight_smile:

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Had similar problem. kicked out while my device was fully connected…I sent a report to support. Guess best way to show SG that the connection issue is serious…spam them with facts and evidences.
I personally got the feeling that those issues occur more often, when we got war time. I am not an expert but many alliances make appointments to be online at the same time to fight togeather in war…maybe this overcharges SG server…

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