Still issues with the wars

Teams are not evenly matched

Why do we have to keep complaining about matching teams. I have members that are talking about leaving the game because they are so frustrated with the mismatches. You’ve taken a good thing and destroyed it


I don’t get this complaining about the matchmaking. Half the time we’re match up with a better/stronger team and we still win most of our wars through teamwork and strategy.

There are also problems with the new AID system. For example the health aid has a huge issue when balancing between the two teams. Let me explain:

If the enemy has 5 heroes and i have 5 the Aid loading time is normal. If the enemy lost 3 heroes and i have 5 left the loading aid time is faster. And this is normal… If i am left with 2 heroes and he is still at 3… the loading aid time is still as fast. This is not normal, it should adapt for the heroes that my team lost also.

This is a real problem.

We use teamwork, strategy, carefully watching the timers and almost 100% participation. The opponent simply takes out the 12 teams we have sitting on the field well under 3000 power while they have 27 teams all well above 3000. We require 3 - 5 flags per opponent team, they casually take us out with one. We aren’t talking about what should be close matches, we are talking about VERY powerful teams matched against our medium strength alliance. I’ve read the complaints posted on the forum and VERY FEW are complaining about a difference of under 10k alliance score. When you get into the 20 - 30k difference, all the strategy in the world won’t help unless the opponent just doesn’t show up! It isn’t fair to blame the weak teams or alliances for bad matches.

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@Petri, could you maybe match alliances based on ranking? Plus or minus 20 or so?

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Hey Kick,

I hear you frustration! We formed an AW FREE Alliance with players from our main Alliance to hang out in until the devs are done " experimenting " with AW. Or at least until the introduce an opt out/ opt in button!!

You and any of your team mates are welcome to come join me…lol!
Seriously, you can just hang and kill Titans, farm, do quests, events etc no fuss no muss!

Check us out, name of Alliance is Aphrodite Nextil.

I kinda like this idea in theory; it’s basically dynamic difficulty. In practice, though, you and your teammates can simply use another flag to gain the upper hand again, while the defense team doesn’t have that luxury unless they’re completely defeated.

More generally, I also didn’t like the Enemy Aid rule this last war, but for the opposite reason. I didn’t think Enemy Aid was that hard to overcome even at 3 turns per heal. It was definitely easier than Arrows 1.0, and Arrows 2.0 might as well be made of actual nerf foam since they can’t actually kill anything now. I’m hoping the buffing rule will work out better.

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