Still haven't fixed the tiny text in-game issue!

Still haven’t fixed the tiny text in-game issue!!! I can’t read most text in-game. I have to look at the pictures most of the time. I have complained many times about this, and other issues, but you ignore my requests to make your game more HANDICAPPED :wheelchair: USER :bust_in_silhouette: ACCESSIBLE :wheelchair:. DO YOU CARE AT ALL WEATHER USERS :busts_in_silhouette: CAN READ THE ITEMS DISPLAYED WITH THE TINY TEXT IN-GAME, OR DO YOU JUST NOT CARE??? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR TIME :watch:, AND ASSIST IN CORRECTING THESE ACCESSIBILITY​:wheelchair:ISSUES. GODSPEED TO YOU AND YOURS . BE SAFE AND WELL, AND WEAR A FACE MASK WHEN YOU GO OUT TO HELP STOP COVID-19. THANKS AGAIN.

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