Still getting bad Titan Loot?

Did 71k on a 5* Titan and got crap for titan loot after the update. Anyone else still having this happen to them?


Yep. Been having bad loot ever since we left 3*s…


Thought the bigger the titan the better rewards, apparently jokes on us Again.


Don’t tell me, let me guess:

All you posters want six star Titans to drop epic summons tokens every time, right? Because it makes the game so much fun if it’s really easy, right?




No, but Titans in general should be giving better loot than stage 1 on story mission… right? Right? :slight_smile:


LOL I could care less about tokens it’s not what I’m after.

I agree Clawlll

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I always get A+ on titan battles vs 5-7 * titans but I have never gotten any gold token or 4* ascension material, most times I just get easy farmable loot. They need to give better loot to the top hitters on the titan. If #1 gets the same chance as #30 what is the point of wasting resources to get the highest possible score. The percentage chance of getting something good in this game is just WAY TO LOW!. The mission chest, elemental chest and titan chest are the same way. You grind and grind and at the end have nothing to show for it.


Yes, agreed. :slight_smile: Hopefully they will upgrade the rewards in the next update.

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No, but when you score an A+ on a 5*+ Titan, I’d like maybe some ascending materials, rather then ham, iron & gems, I could care less about tokens at this point. I just want to be able to move forward not stay stuck.


All I read is players complaining that the game is too hard, they’re running out of patience, 4 weeks is too long to wait for anything, why won’t the game give them what they want right now, wah, waah, waaaaaaaaah!

I almost forgot! Here’s an emoticon so everyone stays happy and no one feels insulted: :heart_eyes:


I agree Lyria, it is frustrating being a sitting duck for a long period of time especially when you can farm or craft most stuff on maps etc

Ok… how long have you been playing this game? You’re pretty snippy so I’m assuming not very long. Some of us have been playing for 6mths+ hence why we are getting frustrated.
FYI - the DEVS asked for feed back & we are giving them our feed back. Instead of being a troll , if you’ve got nothing to contribute but snide remarks, keep them to yourself.


Also I think higher providence should provide minimum lvl loot of 2 * and up and the last few aka the hardest lvls with highest cost should provide a minimum loot drop of 3 star items. Takes the fun out of the game if I can farm providence 8 for the same loot as 11, with less cost.

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Swear that’s what I mean in A +?..I’m brazilian


hmm, since Raids are an alliance thing, why should there be a better reward for heavy hitters?
So inside the alliance you still want competition?

Hmm, isn’t that exactly the opposite of the alliance idea?

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The loot tier system that is in place gives slightly better odds of getting the rare items the higher your loot tier. That being said, it is still just a chance, you still have to face tipped odds and chance to gain the small percentage needed to get the item. If you get crap, its because the odds were against you, they always will be, but the few, not the many, get the rewards. To those that did get a rare item, it encourages them to fight titans as often as possible to gain another reward for their hard work. For those that get crap, they are encouraged to fight titans as often as possible, for another chance at beating re odds. The system is highly unbalanced as an A+ score on a 9* titan is a loot tier of 12 or more. The average non spending player will NEVER achieve loot tier 12+, and the players that basically no longer need those items win them most often. How can the system be more fair? Well feel free to throw ideas out, the devs are supposedly reading this stuff. Make your opinions count.

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I’m sorry you read my tone as ‘snippy’ and my comments as ‘snide’, I assure you they’re not intended as such. I’ll include another happy emoticon here just to make sure that you feel all warm and fuzzy and not offended. :relaxed:

Do you really believe I am merely being a ‘troll’? I doubt it. As you point out, the devs asked for feedback. I’m giving mine, which is that the game is quite easy enough already, that making it even easier will suck the fun out of it, and that those begging for everything to be handed to them without effort are delusional and would be the first to quit the game if their wishes were granted.

Perhaps you disagree with me. That’s fine: express yourself. Perhaps you so fear the ideas I express that you think I ought to shut up about them. That would be a bit silly, though at least to say so would be honest. But to tell me to shut up while claiming it’s because I have ‘nothing to contribute’? That’s disingenuous.

Shame on you. :scream: I expect better.


I kinda agree with Lyria, it’s not about being handed things it’s about the effort each individual puts in the game and to constantly getting ■■■■ loot for getting high scores right after an update claiming high scores with higher titans better rewards when it’s not better. It’s why many top players quit the game bc it becomes frustrating to those who spend a lot of time and some times money to move forward and yet they can’t because they cannot get the materials they need, you insult people who work their ■■■ off trying to get things by saying “handed to them etc” so yes it does sound like you’re trolling with snide remarks. Your emojis are just mockery


Yea it does defeat the purpose of an alliance but it’s how the devs set it up, so it becomes a problem and it’s exactly the point of why this conversation is even happening, if they want it as more alliance then they should change how rewards are disputed, but since it’s not that way they need to follow through from what they so called “better” rewards

What you are saying, Kiki, is that you find the game too hard and you want it to be easier. At least be honest about it.

Why would you be insulted by me characterising this attitude as one of wanting things ‘handed’ to you? It’s this sort of hyper-sensitivity that leads me to the use of emoticons, which I assure you I do not deploy in a mocking way, but instead to avoid giving offence. Here’s one to keep you happy. :smiley:

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