Still Delayed input at Slayers challenge

Dear all, it was already posted several times that there is a delayed input at the slayer Challenges.
It is still existing, that the tiles don’t react when you try to move them without a reason.
It ruins the gameflow massivly.
Here you said, you investigate it. No solution, post is closed

No reaction at all in the next post

So could you please check it AND respond @Petri


That is always after an enemy dies.

If you kill it with stones, there is a small delay before you can do something new.

Worse if you use special skill. If all your heroes are charged and you want to fire them all and click fast, but hero 2 kills 1 enemy than the next few times nothing will happen because of the delay. Bad if all heroes you click afterwards do nothing, worse if for example an def down doesn’t react but next doing damage is working again resulting in far less damage because of missing def down…

Really annoying.

In my case, it is not only after a kill. Every time, when the enemy had attacked me, there is this delay. It is really disturbing the game flow an also ruining the event. Becaus if you are about to launch a series of special skills, you really have to take care, that the system is responding.
I try to make a video, where you can see it .

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