Step Up Summon

Idea: Step Up Summon

Every quarter of the year, SGG should implement a Step Up Summon (SUS). Each banner, highlight heroes selected at random by SGG, would have 5 steps.

Each step of the SUS would have varying cost, with altered summon chances on each step:
Step 1: 1500 Gems = 5 pull - normal summon rate.

Step 2: 1500 Gems = 5 pull - 5⭐ rate increase by 2%

Step 3: 2000 Gems = 5 pull - 5⭐ rate increase by 5%

Step 4: 2600 Gems = 10 pull - 5⭐ rate increase by 7%

Step 5: 3000 Gems = 10 pull - 5⭐ rate increase by 10%

Now I understand people are going to call this a whaling move, or P2W, but…even with those rate increases, it’s not guaranteed everyone will get a 5⭐, and I also understand that people will complain about never having gems to do it.

That being said, this is why I recommended once per quarter. So once every 3 months, with a limit of one per player so they can’t repeat the SUS. This option would also allow SGG flexibility to be more liberal with the gem rewards, as well as increasing their revenue. It’s a SORT of win-win.


Congratulations on your lucky pulls! But I was more expecting a wordy response, and not a flashing of pretty pictures.

There seems to be a flaw in your example

How is the cost of step 1 equal to the cost of step 2?

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