Step it up

We are losing members daily,This game is lacking on helping people want to play ,The chest are getting worse,Who wants to waste time on a game with 0 rewards besides the 1000 fpod,3000 iron and if your lucky 1 gem.Seriously enough with the garbage rewards.

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If I were you, I would get into an alliance that is comprised of players with teams that are significantly better that yours and has an active chat. With that you will learn all of the nuisances that make this game so fun. Until then, I think that the game will just be annoying.

There are tons of alliances looking for active players.


Not my experience at all. We have a full alliance and have had two players leave and be replaced this year. (Three? Might be three.) The rewards seem to be pretty consistent - maybe improving a bit with the introduction of ascension rolls from alliance wars.


If you think this game lacks people that want to help people you are crazy. This forum is full of them. They take their time and give very detailed responses regarding anything that is asked. This has been the biggest help in the game for me (I am about 3 months in). The abundance of information here is awesome. Just have to take the time to look around and never be afraid to ask questions. You will be surprised how many answers you will get.

PS The mustache above me is very helpful, but she can be a tough cookie too. Choose wisely which one you want…


How can I make a new post? I only know how to reply

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you have to go back to categories and it is an option. If you are new you need to read and reply to a few posts and then it will give you that chance. I guess they just want to make sure your not just stopping in to post something sketchy. Who knows.


I totally agree with SkiParty. The better your alliance is the better the loots are, the more you learn and more fun this game becames

Brobb is correct.

New users have restrictions removed as soon as they reach Trust Level 1, and receive the badge “Basic”.

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I hear you.

I believe your story. I am certain you are seeing what you are seeing. And from your perspective, that is how this game looks to you.

And now others come in, telling you they’re seeing something totally different. Even calling you crazy. I believe them too - but I’d not call you crazy. They are also seeing what they are seeing. And from their perspective, that is how the game looks to them.

If you’re growing an alliance from the ground up, then yes, that is a tough time for you. Yes, you will have many members stepping up to stronger alliances all the time. And if you’re not making enough progress as an alliance, you will keep falling to the bottom of the list.

Critical mass. A longlasting alliance is all about critical mass. A healthy alliance needs a certain critical mass in strength versus titans. Get to where you’re regularly defeating 6* titans or better and you’ll see a strongly increased member loyalty.

How you get there (the 6* or better killing alliance) is yours to choose: join forces with an existing 5* titan killer team, jump ship to a straight 6* killing team, or the long and narrow building it all up yourself.

I’ve been in two alliances. One that farmed 4* and 5* titans, that one was decently filled but membership was in flux all the time, members joining and leaving. And now I’m in one that farms 7* titans and it’s membership is fiercely loyal.

Mind you, both were without toxic members. Nothing destroys alliances faster than toxic people.

I avoid complaining as a general life rule, however…the last 3 titan loot chests have been pretty darned pathetic. 6 star, top point winner and I get 3 gems and a silver summon token and wooden sword. all three times. couple this with the SAME results for top tier WAR participation (and winning the war)…what gives?

This is my reward from today. Yes its crap, but i started to enjoy in tactics more…eventually…maybe…it will get better…

well you dealt more damage than I did. My alliance won and that is about the same as what I got as well.

Keep on hoping :pray:

I gave up on getting “big” rewards…im like wii i got a lvl 3 material😂 if its a 4 im like uuuuuu😉

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