Stealth Tweaks to defense teams?


So, I’m noticing this on both the attacking and defending side. My team hasn’t changed for weeks, but I’m suddenly winning more than half my battles on defense, and enough that I often gain cups about a third of the time after being attacked a couple of dozen times.

On the attacking side, I’ve noticed that it feels like one of my heroes will get killed from auto attacks before the defending team even has a chance to get off a special. Am I imagining it? I mean the net result doesn’t change much for me, but it just feels very very different.


I definitely feel you on the attack side. It’s been a struggle. But I’m having an issue on def too. My team used to hold steady, but now it’s getting rocked. Sadly, we can’t see where we are going wrong (hint, hint Devs).

I’ve lost 300 cups that I cannot win back. Every step forward is 2 steps back. Maybe it’s the boards, maybe it’s how I’m playing them, but something has changed. I used to be able to attack teams that were 200+ team strength over me. Now I lose to teams below me.

I just don’t have an answer as to why the drastic change in results.


Something has definitely changed in the last 2 weeks there is no way any 2500 power team should be able to win against a 2900+ player also noticed that the defending team will be able to attack with every guy each round no matter what the # shows next to there names


I have noticed that attack is now weaker than before, and that is good. I have been losing some attacks now and I win a lot of defenses against lower power teams that before always beat me.

The balance has been off for months. Attacking has always been really easy. Even 500 lower power teams could just crush higher ones on attack and had no chance to defend against them. I’m glad they fixed this.

Team power is also not a absolute measure. You need to consider what heroes you use. Do they work together? Just slamming in 5 highest power heroes without considering their skills, is never a good idea.

Some teams and heroes work better on attack, some on defense, some on titans. Also the hero order matters.


@Arien I’m glad the change was made. But I’m once again just kind of peeved that the devs appear to be making these changes and don’t say anything.

I have a couple of theories, and I’m too lazy to actually test them, and I don’t have any data from before hand. I think that all heroes have had the number of turns between auto attacks reduced by one.

@Petri @RubiKinga @mhalttu any confirmation of this?

Sinds today my team can not win anny personal battle anymore

Hey guys,

We are indeed continuously monitoring the attack / defence ratio, and as Arien said, attacking has been too powerful for a very long time. In the beginning of August, I finally started to adjust it towards a more reasonable value.

I actually considered posting about it, but I decided against it because it is a slow, iterative process and individual changes are almost too small to be notice. For practical reasons, we have to reserve the right to make these kind of configuration tweaks behind the scenes in order to improve the game. Of course when we make bigger changes, we try to time them with a new major version and to communicate them through the build notes.

Your theory is correct, by the way. I have changed the configuration so that the defenders attack more frequently using normal attacks.


This makes sense, out of the middle of seemingly nowhere, I’d notice that at times heroes would die from auto attacks before ANYONE had fired a special, and I would be completely blindsided.

I am glad of the change, but I am a player that always is in favor of transparency, but of course that doesn’t always work well when slow iterative changes are needed to tweak the balance.

Good news indeed in my mind.

This change will likely have interesting long term impacts as well, as it will make boldtusk more important, since more frequent auto attacks will be massively impacted by his attack buff. It’s fascinating to see how the meta game evolves from these kinds of changes.


It is an interesting adjustment, but yes, it might change the meta a bit. We will see.

But I think the balance is now better than ever. Good work!


Thank you for answering! It really helps a lot to get this sort of information.

I agree with the change but don’t agree about the right to make hidden changes. Imo it is only bad that you keep silent about them and let the players guess. Every time you do it you have the same frustration shown clearly from the players.