Steal something(s) when successfull raid

Quick idea… I think this would help incite raids…

1- when a raid is successful, the raiding player should be able to steal more than food and iron. For example, some if not all crafted but ungathered battle items / trained heroes / recruits

2- hinder construction progress / deteriorate existing buildings (introduce a concept to repair buildings where for example a raiding party decided to downgrade buildings rather than steal ressources or battle items

3-steal gems!

Cheers from Montréal !

ByteMe !


Guys, I think we need to invade Canada to stop these kinds of ideas :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I agree. How about to steal 1 enemies hero on battle.

Whoever lose the battle (either u or opponent) must give up 1 hero that are brought to the raid


:thinking:Is this meant to be a joke? You can’t seriously be suggesting that you should be able to steal battle items/trained heroes, downgrade buildings, or even steal gems (which people PAY for) when you raid someone…So with your idea I’d be waking up to -250 gems -7 levels on advanced iron storage and all my training camps empty :joy: half the player base would be ragequitting within a week after its implementation.


I think your original idea has merit, but cant agree with any of what you’ve chosen to steal.

How about instead when someone beats you in a raid your watchtower production slows until you either revenge them or they fall out of your recent raid activity list?

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This is the main reason I started playing the game a while ago: people could only steal some iron & food produced by the watchover. Unlike any other games, this allowed me to keep growing my buildings while also getting attacked.


Imagine if it was suggested that ascension materials could be stolen! :laughing:


Please no! If they institute this, it will be the straw that breaks me for good!

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Wow, great…
So, we have chance to steal Ascencion Mats, Token EHT, ETT, Valhalla coins, atlantis coins, heroes…

Congrats,… You win the raids, here is the reward:
100k Food, 100k Irons, EHT 5x, ETT 1x, Silver coins 10x, Gems 100, Tome of Tactic 1x, Gravemaker 1x.


What about 50 emblems? :smiley:


correct, I forget… yes… yes yes…

And some of buildings downgraded or complete destroy like Training Camp (that have bunch of recruits and ham inside it),… lol.
TC20 with bunch of ready to-pull… get destroyed and stollen.

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No, no, no! Please don’t do that! :scream:


Or give an xtra feature like: Mafia Trade Raid
So, all member who want to join should put some of requirement, like example:

  1. Some of Token (EHT, ETT, etc…)
  2. Some of Heroes (Horghall, etc…)
  3. Some of Emblems

So, only on those boxes will be stolen.

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that would be the only reasonable feature. similarly existing in some other good games. although i really hate these tournaments, more losing than winning. another possible way would be to win some gems / untrained heroes from S&G as bonus. without stealing.

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not just “no”, but hell no

:slightly_smiling_face: :-1:

(no offense @ByteMe :wink:)


I’ve also pumped a few coins in the game. Heck, the game already offers protection from raids (raid shields). BUT, these shields could be way cheaper…

I’m only saying that this game needs a bit more pizzaz… it gets old fairly quickly to farm for items ultra basic items like practice swords, adventure packs and what ever else you need yo train new fodder heroes. Heck, when I proposed to steal heroes, I was talking about ungathered heroes. Those you train and leave lying around in your training camps.

@HappyHippo, it get’s too cold up here for your sensitive skin.

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Hippos don’t mind the cold, and LOVE maple syrup :grin: :yum: