STAYING in the top 100. Do I have the juice?

Ok. So my comment on a previous post had me thinking that I COULD have a defense team that may be able to stick around in the top 100 but I just don’t have some of the super-common top-100 heroes. Namely Zeline, Guin, Delilah, Hel, Athena (or Kage, but I’m going for him one more time).

Question: Based upon my theoretical hope to “stay” in the top 100, is it possible with my current roster?

I tinker with my defense quite a bit. Right now, my current defense:
I usually end up with +cups at the end of the day with it. I stay in the 2500-2600 range.
(PeachyKeen @ Helios, if you are curious)

Current Roster of 5*

*4T Heroes
Boss Wolf
Drake Fong
Guardian Panther
Red Hood

3T heroes
King Arthur
Evelyn 2
Evelyn 3
Onatel (soon, likely 3T by the end of next week, based on others I’m leveling)

Zimkitha 2
Evelyn 4
Gregorion 2
Quintus 1
Quintus 2
Natalya 2

Your heroes are quite impressive but without constantly raiding I think no defense in whole E&P universe can stay in top100 constantly because as soon as you log off your cups get demolished by a 100+


Why Evelyn if you’re not using any other Nature heroes? Wouldn’t you be better served with Gregorion in that spot? Half of Eve’s special involves its interaction with other Nature heroes.

I believe top 100 can be raided while in game. But I don’t think that matters much. My top rank was last night at 18. Was knocked out of diamond a few hours ago.

Dropped cups by replacing Kiril, my only 4 and only healer, with King Arthur. This goes with my answer to the original post: need a healer to stay.

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Oh i think it was left over from when I had Greg in there. Since it hasnt hurt me yet i left her in

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Only 5* healer I have is Red Hood.

Beyond that? Nothing.

Staying in top 100 players is like staying in the 4th tier of Inception. Even if you maintain positive ratio between wins and loses of your defending team, you get down due to different cup bonuses. All people between 2600 and 3000 have teams capable of beating each other. What remains for you is to watch you drop from 2800 to 2600 and retake it in the morning. And again and again and again. If you get bored by this you attack #1 position for which you might need some blue flasks (last time I succeeded by using just 3). And again and again.

But back to your question- yes you have a team to do as described above. The team must be fully maxed though.


There is no such thing as a team that is capable of staying in the top 100 - all defences can be beaten consistently, often by much weaker teams.


I can often jump to 2800 in 5-7 flags, highest being 2911. Fairly confident in my ability to select and manage boards.

Just trying to, I suppose, construct the best possible team from the pieces I have available even if i do not have a few of the elite 5*. Right now im sitting on 4 rings and 4 tabards, so Zimkitha may get the nod over elena and marjana. Quintus aint seeing tabards.

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Brobb, happy new year.


Of the heroes you saw listed, though… what would be the ideal defense team? just looking for opinions there.

Feels like Grave is almost always the tank but I’ve got thoughts about Onatel.

I don’t know that GM is necessarily your best tank choice.

Let’s leave aside the question of whether GM is overrated (yup) and assume for the sake of the discussion that they are an effective tank. If that’s the case, then you’ll scare off a lot of weaker potential attackers, and presumably mostly get hit by players strong enough to beat you.

Perhaps a more successful defence might be to deliberately choose an inferior tank, calculating that the points you lose by having a fundamentally inferior defence will be more than offset by the points you gain when weaker players attack you. (There are few things more satisfying than waking up to see consecutive failed raids by the same attacker have gifted you +24 cups, +20 cups, +16 cups.)

I guess the key to this would be to select the tank that is the most underrated - that players are happiest to attack, but that sneakily defeats a high proportion of them. As candidates from your roster I’d propose Justice (my own Moriarty), Elena or Leonidas. I’m not so sure about any of your 4T heroes - maybe Boss Wolf? I know some players swear by him.

Worth a play, anyway. I’d be interested to hear how you fare.


I loved having Bosswolf at Tank. I flanked him with Joon and Drake, with Alaise and RedHood on wings. Had a lot of success there.

I do have a level 17 purple mana troop and Boss operates as if he is “slow” now. Once I have the level23 mana troop he may go back in as tank. I dunno yet.

What bumped Boss out was the advent of my shiny new 4/80 Khiona.

With my current roster, unless I fly too close to the sun (over 2800 cups) I usually wake up with either positive cups or very, very low negative cups (after many many raid attempts) in the range of -24 to -40. If I go too high, obviously top 100 puts a target on your back and I drop precipitously (-120 today when I woke up).

99% of the reason I like Gravemaker as my top choice is because I had the following defense in mind:

Evelyn, Misandra, Grave, Alaise, Gregorion.

Misandra is not yet 4/80 (~4/30 atm) but I imagine once her DEF stats are in the 750 range, it’s a viable defense.

In the meantime, I’m tempted to go back to Bosswolf.


Forget it.
Just forget it.

forget it

It is impossible to stay (!) in the top100 with any defense team. Relying on the strength of the defense team. Period.

The only way to stay in the top100 is to go online very often and to revenge every attack very soon.
If you wish to make this game a job, you are welcome to it.

How do I know?

  1. whenever I have managed to beat the long-time No. 1 player, the revenge always (!) came within minutes

  2. You - or I - are not the only players in the game. The other players raid, too. And they have good heroes, too.

  3. With the best heroes that money can buy, you can still end up with, like, 2500+ cups in the morning.
    (That is because you chose to sleep. Instead of dedicating your life to a mobile phone game. You snooze you lose :wink:)

  4. No, leveling troops will not save your rank either. See point 1. I have managed to beat a player who had level 30 troops. Repeatedly.

Just forget it.

If you already have a nice roster of heroes, a new hero might make a difference for one day. After that, it’s business as usual.

Just forget it.


@AnjaValkyrie I figured ‘staying’ in the top 100 would be a bit of a misnomer, which is why I put it in quotes. I guess what I’m looking for is “defense team with best survival based on what I have” That will keep me at ~2600 cups within shooting distance of 100.

That being said, I appreciate your candor. I constantly tweak and look for improvements to get to the point where I am “as good as I can get” and it just feels like I haven’t quite got the right mix yet to where I am satisfied.

And I do realize that if there were “a perfect” defense, that I would see the exact same configuration repeated multiple times. I, too, have beated Zero, Anchor and many of the ‘elite’ class of players who have 30 level troops and Day 1-max hotm/event heroes, most without a problem due to stacking.

Ultimately, I’m just trying to find purpose in raiding because it’s such a chore and there is very very little benefit to being in, say, diamond over platinum. Whoohoo… you get an additional slot. Eh. Because, beyond raiding there is War. War defenses are a little more resilient due to the mechanics in play but the “boosts” make them annoying and less fun overall.

I am not as experienced or as respected in the game as you are, but I am at the point where I can beat all challenges, events and hit every titan hard, win 80% of my raids and do passably at war (usually 4/6 kills, often 6/6 kills). Just looking for some more growth and fun in the game. Y’know beyond mindless farming for resources, as I prepare for events.

I think that, sometimes, I only stay in the game to chat with folks and fulfill my OCD by maxing out heroes. Creating mini-games out of the game because I’ve (effectively) reached the end of the game as far as content provided and challenge offered.

A normal human being would walk away and find something else to do, but with 6 kids and a stressful job, I stick with what I know and (like many) my phone is always with me. So, yeah, I could quit. but instead I try to find new ways to have fun and one of those involves making my best possible raid defense to ‘hang around’ close enough to the top 100 to lay the smack down on the elites to feel like I’ve accomplished something.

That was a lot more verbose than I intended. :slight_smile:

Please do not interpret it as argumentative. I’m on a long conference call that I have long since checked-out of … :smiley: So I typed here.


@PeachyKeen, I like the way you do meetings! :joy:

With that nice lineup of heroes, I’d try BW at tank, Inari and Drake Fong on either side. Then Red and Alasie in the corners.

That should be a rather annoying team to beat, especially without a decent starting board.


You bring up a good point, havok. I love Inari. Bosswolf is awesome and I LOVE the double-fox tandem with Redhood.

Why tf didn’t I just put my bosswolf lineup back up once I finished Inari??

Thanks I’ll do that.

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Let us know how well it holds cups. Would be a fun team to fight against.

I will. I am wondering if Onatel would be a good flank for Bosswolf once 4T. The more I use her in raids, the more fun she is.

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