Stay in Alliance room after Titan Battles


I find it annoying to have to go back to the Map [not the alliance room as I mistakenly put before this edit] after battling the Titans; the first thing I want to see is my overall ranking at that point. It would be nice if the devs could change to this behavior.

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If you “click” on “attack again”, you will see immediately the score. Is it what you speak about ?


Hi Orionis,

I just worked through it so I could put the correct screen names down.

After fighting the Titan, you end up in a Titan Hunt battle results screen. You have three options: the “x” in the upper right corner, the “Attack Again” button (like you said), and the “To Map” button. The “x” and the “To Map” options take you to the Map.

The “Attack Again” button takes you to another Titan Hunt screen where the options are the “x” button, the “More” button - that does expand the top attackers score list (which is part of what I want), and the “Next” button.

The “x” button here sends you back to the previous Titan Hunt results screen. The “Next” button takes you to the pre-fight screen and if you have a Titan Battle point, you can battle the Titan again.

Nowhere can I find to go back to your Alliance screen without having to go out to the map and then clicking the Alliance button. And that is what I’m proposing the devs tweak to have the flow be more efficient. That the “x” on the battle results screen takes you back to the Alliance screen from whence you started. From there you can get back into chat or check on the alliance war tab.

Sorry if its not clear, trying to get out of here to pick up the kids.

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Edit: I just read my very first post and it didn’t make any sense so I edited it. Gah. Sorry. This post lays it out better.


OK I understand better now ! It was difficult because I never use the alliance-titan button :wink: but I go to titan with the map icon on left corner and after titan battle get usually on farming and I don’t want to be pushed on alliance screen ! Lol !


Don’t we have to be in the

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